Stupid cats ....

So there's these two cats that were - until a moment ago - sitting on the stairs in my back hallway. Apparently, the wind blew my back door open and they were just sitting there — a fact that I was made very aware of by the sound they were making. They sounded like the boy from The Grudge. It is a VERY unnerving sound ... kind of like kids crying. But creepier.

It's sound effect #2 on the YouTube video above.

Anyway ... so I opened the door and kicked them out. And now they're hanging out in my driveway — making horror story dead kid/cat sounds. And there's no friggin' way I'm getting any sleep tonight. (update) So now I'm torn between "steering into the skid" and watching The Grudge - one of the few movies which actually creeps me out - or trying to figure out a way to get that eerie sound out of my head.