Brewing 121212

Wednesday's show was the first beta test/experiment using Google+'s Hangout feature. It allows others to join into the show live ... and saves the video directly to YouTube. It also has some bells and whistles not previously available. Unfortunately, I haven't figured out all those bells and whistles yet, so I didn't start broadcasting/recording the show on time (missed about 15 minutes) ... and there was some dead air when I tried to play a YouTube video. I know what the problem was with the failure to broadcast from the beginning, but I'm not sure why the YouTube video didn't play as it should have ... so I'll work on that for later.

Assuming I stay with this format, you'll be able to watch the video live on YouTube (link to my channel is at the bottom right of the blog - or in the links section above) ... or participate live via Google+ (link at the right).