Weekly update for June 1 ...

News, notes and necessities

items of interest the week of June 1, 2009

News: Monday: Bob Confer returns to the airwaves this week after a break. We'll talk with Bob about that break and why it was good ... plus we'll discuss state government and all that is wrong with it. Well, not ALL that is wrong with it. We only have Bob for 15 minutes or so.

Notes: You may have noticed that the ScottLeffler.com website is down, but you can still access the blog directly. I have - once again - started paying attention to the blog. Forgive my disappearance.I'll have the website back up soon, I hope, but it's non-functionality also means that my regular email address is down. For the time being, please use scott.leffler@gmail.com. Thanks.

Dialog airs on Hometown 1340, WLVL at 11:11 am Monday through Friday. It can also be heard on WLVL.com. Podcasts of the show are available for download at WLVL.com, as well.

Necessities: Also, even though the main website is down, you can still access, read and post to the forum directly. Just click here.