1:54 PM
scottleffler.libsyn.com Friday's podcast is online. Thanks for Mayor Tucker for taking time out of his busy day to talk with us. We lea...
11:40 AM
Louise Slaughter's web site Rep. Slaughter calls on Special Prosecutor to investigate Gannon's Role in Plame CIA document leak scan...
7:37 AM
CBS 2 - New York News Missing Halliburton shipment of radioactive material found in Boston. And now for the good news ...
7:37 AM
USATODAY.com Rumsfeld visits Iraq unannounced. What, is there a contest to see which secretary can make the most unannounced trips to Iraq?
7:36 AM
USATODAY.com Dems say they should be firm but flexible. Kind of like one of those unbreakable combs. :)
7:35 AM
Yahoo! News Clinton Sees Better Future for Democrats. Cause it'd be pretty hard for it to get worse, don'tcha think?
7:34 AM
Yahoo! News Franken Says He Won't Run for Minn. Seat. Thank God. What a fiasco that would be
7:33 AM
Media Matters for America Fake White House Reporter talks to a very real Wolf Blitzer ...