8:51 AM
The Telegraph Online Man convicted in scam wins national award ... and that award was presented by none other than our congressman, Tom R...
8:41 AM
NEWFANE CARES Citizens for Accountability and Responsibility in our Educational System... They tell me the website is chock full o' i...
8:33 AM
Primary Challenge web site . Join me in welcoming Jean Latona to the Dialog studio.
2:36 PM
Bush adds DeLay to Social Security tour. Further known as the "thumbing their noses tour."
2:33 PM
Microsoft to add 'black box' to Windows. That breeze you feel is more of your privacy floating away.
2:26 PM
csmonitor.com If Senate shuts down, who's to blame? This could be fun to watch. I think its important to note that if the Republicans ...
8:23 AM
Homegrown Terrorism Sammy Sorrell is today's guest ... and we're talking about homegrown terrorism (a.k.a. crime).
7:41 AM
Bolton Finds U.N. Nomination in Jeopardy . Very interesting ... all the way down at the bottom is this sentence: "If the White House ...
12:03 PM
Judicial Insanity. Pretty interesting commentary about all the judge threatening we've got going on these days.
11:38 AM
Jeb Bush to lead U.S. delegation to Rome . Hmm. Very interesting. A lot of people believe that Jeb is being groomed to run for president i...
11:32 AM
Dems: Energy Bill Would Raise Gas Prices . Bush's plan gives tax breaks to the oil industry, allows drilling in ANWAR, and does not do...
11:28 AM
Activists Ask Who Led Them From Bush Event. Always nice to see people barred from an event because of their bumper sticker. Ahh - America...
8:22 PM
Moussaoui Pleads Guilty in 9/11 Conspiracy . If his guilty plea is true, how could we NOT put this person to death? Personally, I'm op...
8:14 PM
Voting agency chairman quits in protest. Cites lack of funding and lack of attention to real reform.
11:17 AM
Free PublicData.com Sex Offender Search . This is the web site that a caller was discussing today on the show. A quick check of 14094 ... an...
11:09 AM
Candid camera with Supreme Court justices. This is a very interesting story ... you don't usually get to peer into Supreme Court Just...
8:49 AM
New push to win approval for Bush judicial nominees . But the public ain't buyin' it.
8:04 AM
Critics Question Screening Tactics at Bush Events . This is purported to be "only on FOX," but I'm fairly certain you've...
8:02 AM
Dems Change Tack on Ethics Panel Debate . It's very interesting to see what Fox's take is on this as compared to CNN.
7:45 AM
BBC News US may toughen airspace security . I don't have a problem with this. Do you?
7:31 AM
Powell playing quiet role in Bolton fight . And by playing quiet, he's speaking volumes.
8:47 AM
Christian Science Monitor Regional impact of the new US bankruptcy law . This is a pretty neat study.
8:29 AM
Newsday.com A Gay Rights Milestone . Connecticut is the first state to legalize gay marriage without the courts requiring them to do so. G...
3:37 PM
Rice says ‘da’ to 2008 run ... but it’s really ‘nyet.’ Hey, I give her credit just for trying to do an interview in Russian. Her boss can...
3:33 PM
Baltimore Sun So far, GOP squandering Bush's capital . I was thinking the same thing the other day. All the "political capital&qu...
3:19 PM
Independent Sen. Jeffords to retire. This is sad. He's been a good man ... even when he was a Republican.
1:02 PM
Democracy For America . This is a pretty cool campaign to DeRail DeLay. I hope it works.
12:59 PM
Slate The Romenesko Effect - How a one-man Web site is improving journalism. I never heard of this web site before. Looks pretty cool, th...
11:39 PM
NY Daily News Daily Dish & Gossip - Hannity coaches guests who agree with him. About half way down, Hannity bit begins.
11:20 PM
Freedom From Speech . Universities: Threatening America's Hard-Won Ignorance. by Allan Uthman.
11:16 PM
BBC Vote on Bush UN nominee delayed . Ohio's Voinovich stalls vote until May, giving Democrats time to get more ammo against the Contr...
10:38 PM
ABC News Democrats say Homeland Security Department ignores Right-Wing Terrorism Threats
5:08 PM
Reports: Naples to bow out And I predicted that she would beat Higgins. My how the mighty have fallen. Buh-Bye Nancy. Buh Bye.
7:54 AM
Bolton often blocked information, officials say . SO the guy they want to be the US's main guy at the United Nations withheld informat...
8:36 AM
Tampa Bay Online Conservatives push for "Bash Gay High School Students Day." This is some scary stuff. And, in true right-wing f...
8:33 AM
Democrats Seek to Block Bush Nominee as UN Envoy - This guy HATES the UN. Is that a good way to foster relationships with the rest of the ...
8:25 AM
Dana Milbank says Justice Kennedy should be impeached ... because he doesn't think kids and gays should be put to death. She quotes cr...
9:13 AM
News, union talk contract as circulation, profits fall. Interesting to note in this story, News editorial staff gets their health care pa...
8:45 AM
MSNBC "The Schiavo memo" writer is found ... and whaddya know? It's a staff member to Florida's Republican Senator Mel Ma...
8:13 AM
Lockport Union-Sun & Journal Online Niagara County Taxpayers Union born . Here's a story about Fred's new group ... Hope it works.
8:10 PM
Erie County Clerk proposes fee hikes to boost revenues, restore jobs. Cause ... um ... apparently Dave Swarts didn't get the memo that...
6:31 AM
Albino Blacksheep Make Your Own Bush Speech . In looking for April Fools stuff, I ran across this. Quite funny. And fun, too.