If you're looking for a quality, professional voice-over at a very competitive rate, I might just be the guy you've been looking for.

I've served as production director for a major market AM radio station for seven years, recording countless commercials, promos, liners, and anything else that could possibly be recorded. I was also a talk show host the entire time ... AND I own and operate my own internet-based radio station. Let's just say I'm comfortable in front of a microphone.

In 2017, I began voicing whiteboards, YouTube videos, audiobooks and everything else imaginable. I've literally recorded parts of the dictionary for a client learning English.

And the best part? My rates; I charge by the word. A basic voice-over is just 2 cents per word with a 250-word minimum, deliverable in 48 hours with secure payment via PayPal. (We can hash out specifics including additional costs for music beds, script proofreading, etc. via email.) If you feel more comfortable doing so, you can order through Fiverr, where I do a lot of my work. (They handle the money end of things for a small fee.)

Want some samples? Of course, you do. Below are a few that I've done somewhat recently:

So ... if you're looking for a high-quality voice-over at a very reasonable price, contact me via email to get things started.

I look forward to being your voice.

-- Scott