Sunday, November 05, 2017

Remember, remember ...

In case you forgot what you were supposed to remember today, I made a handy little video to remind you. Check it out below.

Also, if you aren't sure why you turned the clocks back last night (or this morning), there's a guide for that, too.

Here's The Thing is just one of several YouTube channels I am proud to voice. One of these days, I'll list them all. Until then, enjoy the links I post on Twitter.

Friday, November 03, 2017

Send this kid a Christmas card

I've been so busy recording voice-overs for videos that I haven't posted any updates about the voice-overs I've done -- unless you follow me on Twitter, in which case, I've posted links to just about all of 'em.

BUT I wanted to take a minute to post this video because I really think the message is important. See, this poor 9-year-old kid doesn't expect to make it to Christmas. He would like an early Christmas present in the form of a home-made Christmas card ... from YOU. Watch the video for details:

The address, again is:

Jacob Thompson
C/O Maine Medical Center
22 Bramhall St
Portland, ME 04102

Now share this ... and send that kid a card.