Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Debate drinking game rules ...

Every four years we have an opportunity to turn something incredibly boring into something really fun by adding mass quantities of alcohol. Tonight during the debate when the candidates say the following, you drink.

• Sasha and Malia
• Any mention of George W. Bush
• "Millionaires and/or billionaires"
• "Let me be clear"
• ”I think governor Romney put it best,” … I win.


• “My wife, Ann"
• Any mention of Jimmy Carter
• "Job creators"
• Unemployment
• “private enterprise, small business, etc”

• If you agree with everything a particular candidate says, check to make sure you were drinking alcohol and not kool aid.

• More more options, check or follow @debatedrinking on Twitter.

I refuse liability if you get drunk and fall out of your barn ... or whatever

This is why the Internet was invented

Brewing 100312

Presidential debate drinking game rules and the "game changing" Obama that was a complete non-factor.