Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Dialog show notes and podcast link 070809

So Wednesday was the Niagara County Historical Society's turn on Dialog. They're on once a month - the second Wednesday. The plan this month was for Melissa Dunlap to bring Barb and Nelson Collie with her to talk about the upcoming events in Olcott. But wires got crossed and with minutes to go before the show started, I said, "let's wing it."

So we did.

Melissa mentioned something going on at the History Center talking about "Hobo marks" or some such thing. I've always been amused by the word "hobo," so I took it and ran with it. Why, for example, do we have homeless people here in Western New York when they could be living in Miami? As amused as I am by the word, "hobo," however, I can't seem to pronounce it. I accidentally said "homo" at one juncture. Yeah. So not what I meant.

Melissa also brought up "King Harvest" and their song, "Dancing in the Moonlight." Lots of callers called in with little known facts about the band. Was fun.

Click here for the podcast.

And be sure to tune in tomorrow when I mispronounce "truck."

Dialog podcast for July 7, 2009

Tuesday I began discussing government misconduct, especially the use of the Buffalo City Seal by Mayor Byron Brown during a non-profit charity event … and the seemingly-coercive methods used to get city hall employees to carry Brown’s water.

Then – as happens often – the show turned on a dime and callers lamented the ruling in the Wilson sexual abuse case. Sorry, can’t … won’t … call it hazing.

Anyway, to listen (and I hope you do) click this here link, yo … and enjoy.