All things come to an end ...

'tis true. My employment at WLVL in Lockport came to an abrupt end early yesterday morning.

You may have heard rumors about it or seen it in the local paper ... but I wanted to give you the straight dope ... cause, that's what I do.

I'd been at WLVL for nearly seven years now. And it was a job I loved doing. I said frequently, I got paid to do what I would have been doing anyway, bitching about the world in which we live ... and - moreso - the community in which we live. And just shy of seven years is a pretty damn good run if I do say so myself.

As for the reasoning of my termination, I can't really say for sure. Station owner Dick Greene simply said he wasn't happy with the direction things were going.

Personally, I thought I was doing a good job. Talking politics. Talking local issues. And having fun doing it. I know then when I left WECK earlier this year, several listeners from that radio station followed me over to WLVL and would not only listen, but call into Dialog. Frankly, it gave the show new life.

I have no animosity towards Dick. He is a very good man ... and has always treated me with the greatest respect ... and frankly could have fired me several times over the course of the years, but didn't. He even mentioned that he might come banging on my door some day begging me to come back. I'd be open to the idea, that's for sure.

So, if you heard there was yelling, screaming or some big blowout, that simply isn't true. The radio industry is ever-changing ... and I can't fault Dick for deciding to make a change. Even if I disagree with the decision.

Now, of course, the hard part. I have to find another job ... again.

You may recall I used to work for Greater Niagara News and had been let go from there a few years ago as part of a massive downsizing on their part. Fortunately, I already had my foot in the door at WLVL and parlayed my talk show into a full-time gig, including that of production director.

I've been very fortunate over the years to have been able to pick up a wide variety of skills ... and make a lot of long-lasting relationships. Hopefully those skills and contacts will make finding a new gig less difficult for me.

I loved radio and would love to stay in radio, but Buffalo's a small town and there really aren't that many talk show host positions open, ya know? I have journalism experience and could go back to writing. In fact, I think you'll see me writing for print again soon ... but details on that are not yet hashed out, so I can't say for sure what it'll be. And hey, I'm not THAT ugly ... so TV is always an option. There's also public relations. Or I could be a migrant worker. But that's my least favorite option.

Moral of this story ... thank you for your words of support ... and you'll see me again.