Friday, October 17, 2008

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LL Cool J - Rock the Vote!

Watch the whole thing, please. It's really good. It starts as an attack on George W. Bush, but it's really deeper than that. At first I thought it was a pro-Obama song, but it's definitely not.

Mr President from LL Cool J and Boomdizzle on Vimeo.

A Joe the Plumber attack ad?


From the email

Earlier today - on Reason - a caller (Toni) said she had a link to share with us on the real cause of the housing meltdown.

Here's that link.

Business First: Rate Tom Reynolds ...

Business First has a new poll asking readers to rate Tom Reynolds career.

Click here to vote.

Governor to LIN, Time Warner: Let's get those games on TV

The Time Warner-Channel 4 dispute caught the attention of Gov. David Paterson Friday. He urged the two sides to return to the negotiating table and offered his deputy secretary for labor and financial regulation to assist in the talks.

In a letter to Glenn A. Britt, president and chief executive officer of Time Warner Cable, and Vincent L. Sadusky, president and CEO of LIN TV Corp., the governor also said Sunday's Bills game against the San Diego Chargers should be broadcast while the sides talk.

"These games are an important engine of the state economy, but, on an emotional level, they are also a source of state pride," Paterson said in the letter sent this afternoon.

"I understand that you have a responsibility to your shareholders to maximize revenue, but right now, all sides are hurting," Paterson wrote. "LIN TV is losing because WIVB-TV and WNLO-TV are hemorrhaging viewers and advertising revenue. Time Warner Cable is losing because its subscribers are increasingly switching to other providers. And the reputations of both companies are being damaged."

Paterson encouraged the sides to take him up on his offer to bring Hitchcock into the talks. The Paterson aide was recently part of the negotiations involving the state, the Federal Reserve and American International Group that led to a federal bailout of the insurance giant.

Toles' Joe the Plumber cartoon

Thanks, by the way, to Mark from a cell phone, Brendon from Kenmore and Toni from Buffalo for calling today.

Gazelle Blog for 10/17/08

2.14 miles
22:12 minutes
259.1 calories

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