Friday, September 05, 2008

This movie looks cool ...

Looks a lot like the Nightmare Before Christmas ...

WLVL and WECK to simulcast election coverage

For those of you who - like me - can't wait until the paper comes out the day after an election, WLVL and WECK will simulcast primary night election coverage beginning at 9 p.m. when polls close in Niagara and Erie Counties.

We'll bring you all the results from all the races we've been talking about over the past several months: congressional, state senate and assembly contests.

I'll be anchoring our coverage from our Lockport studio ... and Tom Christy will join me to add color commentary and analysis. Plus we'll have someone in the studio at WECK to help with data collection on the Erie County races.

We'll have interviews with and reactions from candidates, and check in with the boards of election to gauge voter turnout.

It'll all be live on Hometown 1340, WLVL ... Hometown 1230, WECK ... and

Plus I'll live blog the results and get listener commentary right here at

Best show ever now online ...

So the podcasts were kind of lagging. Now they're caught up ... including this morning's Reason, in which I discussed a mailer from Jack Davis.

Download and listen here.

It didn't sell on eBay?

One of my favorite lines from Sarah Palin's speech on Wednesday was that she sold the Alaska governor's personal jet on eBay.

Turns out it's not true.

Maybe it's similar to when you say you bought Kleenex ... when you just bought some generic brand tissues. Or you say you Googled something, when really you used Yahoo or Ask Jeeves or something.

I still think it was a good line ... and I still would have used it if I were her.

Reason show notes for Sept. 5, 2008

This flyer will be one of my topics today. You may want the visual ...



Front Pages for Sept. 5, 2008

BuffaloNews090508 LockportUSJ090508 NiagaraGazette090508 TonawandaNews090508

I have to wonder if the Niagara Gazette knows there was a big speech last night by the Republican presidential nominee ...

McCain's version of change ... by Tom Toles

Lots going on on the forum ...

This blog is great, but don't forget there's more interaction here at on our community forum.

There's a Niagara County section ... and Erie County section ... a general news section ... and a members only haven.

Right now in the general section, there's a couple different ongoing discussions about racism in the GOP and/or in Barack Obama ... and why many of the posters seem to hate Sarah Palin.

You need not be a member to read or post to the forum ... except for the "members only" section. But registering gives you a user name and makes it easier to follow.

So join in ... and have at it.

Lombardi rails against Maziarz, GOP

Lockport Common Council President John Lombardi offered a scathing review of the Niagara County Republican Party on Thursday during an endorsement announcement of State Senate Candidate Brian Grear.

According to the Buffalo News:

Lombardi called on voters "to break the legacy of thuggery and intimidation" that he attributed to Maziarz and Wojtaszek. He also urged "other elected officials and people who are in the know" to join him in backing Grear.

Lombardi said Maziarz and Wojtaszek have roughed up several loyal Republicans for political sins. "I don't like the actions of my political party countywide," he said.

Of course, Niagara County Republican Chairman Henry Wojtaszek said it's all because Lombardi wanted a patronage job and the GOP wouldn't give him one.

I think I'll keep my eye on this. Last year it was three local GOP Supervisors coming out against George and "the machine." Now it's Lombardi. Will there be others? Is Maziarz' armor wearing thin?