Thursday, September 04, 2008

Kryzan's big endorsement: It's LaFalce ...

I mentioned this briefly this morning and guessed that the big endorsement would either be Senator Chuck Schumer, Congressman Brian Higgins, or former Congressman John LaFalce.

Nice to see my instincts work.

Below is the release:



LaFalce Calls Kryzan “Head and Shoulders Above Her Opponents”

September 4, 2008


Amherst, NY – John LaFalce, a 14-term Congressman and long-time public servant, today endorsed rising star Alice Kryzan for Congress. A respected statesman, Vietnam era veteran, and popular leader, LaFalce said;
“I couldn’t stay silent any longer with such an exceptional candidate in the field who is clearly head and shoulders above her opponents. I felt compelled to make public my support of her, especially since I am now convinced she can and should win.”
LaFalce has represented many parts of what now constitutes the 26th Congressional District. Throughout his political career as a State Senator, State Assemblyman, and 28-year member of the US House of Representatives, LaFalce got to know the District and its residents well. It is this familiarity with the region and the issues facing it that convinced him to support Alice Kryzan for Congress.

Having served in Congress as Chairman of the Small Business Committee and the Ranking Democrat on the House Financial Services committee, LaFalce’s endorsement lends considerable weight to Kryzan’s platform of experience, environmental responsibility, and economic resurgence.

In making his endorsement, LaFalce added;
“I know all three of the candidates, especially Alice. There is no doubt in my mind that Alice Kryzan is exactly what the doctor ordered for Western New York. She has run a positive and responsible campaign we can all be proud of, and she has the intellect, experience, judgment and passion to get things done in Washington. America and Western New York face serious problems, and we need serious people to solve them. I am convinced that Alice, a lifelong Democrat, will be an exceptional Congresswoman. It is my pleasure, and duty, to give her my endorsement.

Powers camp continues to use misleading material ...

I got an email today from the Powers camp including a list of things which Jack Davis reportedly said ...

But the very first thing on the list ...
"I think we should increase the retirement age."
WLVL, 10/26/04
As I've previously discussed, that comment is taken completely out of context and the Powers' camp use of it is misleading at best ... a blatant lie at worst. Either way, if they've heard the quote in it's entirety, they know its not true. And if they haven't heard it in it's entirety, then shame on them.

Anyway ... I shot a message back to the Powers camp and have included it below:
Now, Victoria ... given that I'm very familiar with the first quote ... and know it was taken completely out of context ... and has been previously debunked on ... and you ignored my request to have a roundtable discussion - despite Jon suggesting just such a thing in the Niagara Gazette ... meanwhile hitting Davis for avoiding another roundtable ... why would I be inclined to believe anything else in this - or any other press release?

I must admit, I'm quite disappointed in this campaign ... which I had previously had faith in. I'm just being honest. I hope you will, too.
I haven't heard back from them. I don't really expect to.

And I haven't attached the rest of the Powers email ... cause, frankly, I don't know how much - if any of it - is accurate.

Re-election check website ...

I mentioned on both Dialog and Reason today that there was a website you could go to to see how much your "STAR Rebate" is and when you'd get it ...

Now you'll know how much they're trying to buy your vote for.

Front Pages for Sept. 4th ...

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