Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Powers latest smear on Davis previously debunked ...

While enjoying some family TV time tonight I saw a new ad for the Jon Powers campaign.

And I gotta tell ya, it pissed me off.

It was - in essense - a rehashed Tom Reynolds ad from two years ago. And that Tom Reynolds ad featured a sound bite from my show ... as well as one from the Tom Bauerle show.

The two allegations of the ad: That Davis wants to decrease social security and increase the retirement age. At least one of those allegations were previously debunked by FactCheck.org ... with my help.

The sound bite from Dialog from Oct. 26, 2o04 says: "I think we should increase the retirement age." And it's played as though it's a Davis plan ... although that's not at all what Davis said.

I had asked Jack what we might need to do if we were faced with a complete economic failure. To which he replied:
Let's say we have a serious problem there and some changes are going to have to be made. I'm a rich person ... we can have a means test on it. Social Security was set up in the early 30's, when people died at 62. People did not live till 80 to 85. Now it's a longer period of time and the system is not set up so I think that we should have, not to change the people who are already retired, or close to retirement, but I think we should increase the retirement age.
In other words, IF there's a complete economic meltdown, we should increase the retirement age before Social Security benefits begin. Not quite what the commercial would have you believe, huh?

Look, I was pissed about that commercial when Tom Reynolds ran it. And I think Tom Reynolds is a weasel. It fit his character. I had previously had some hope in the Powers campaign ... but now?

The Powers campaign hits Davis for not doing a debate on WBEN ... meanwhile the Powers campaign ignores my invite to do a debate on WLVL. And one of the reasons Davis doesn't like to do radio is because he gets taken out of context by weaselly Republicans ... and now by Powers.

I don't have a problem with candidates lifting Q&A from my interviews with politicians. Hey, the more pub, the better. But don't twist it around ... or I won't be pleased. And right now ... I'm not pleased.

McCain manager's admissions are mind boggling

According to the Washington Post today, John McCain's campaign manager made some interesting comments in an interview, including:
"This election is not about issues," said Davis. "This election is about a composite view of what people take away from these candidates."
While I agree that voters often vote based on personalities, I would hope that the managers of the presidential campaigns would make an attempt at making the race about issues ... and not a popularity contest.

The WaPo also had this little ditty about Sarah Palin's VP acceptance speech:
As for the speech itself, Davis said a generic, "masculine" speech was being prepared before the pick was made and, now that Palin is the choice, she is adapting the speech to her own needs and personality.
So ... um ... the speech was written before they knew who the veep would be? Wouldn't the VP candidate be expected to write their own speech?

How bizarre.

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