Sunday, August 24, 2008

Jim Kelly: Let's build in the Falls

Hall of Fame quarterback and future owner of the Buffalo Bills, Jim Kelly, apparently floated an idea in Toronto last week that hasn't gotten much press here, from what I've seen.

Fortunately, Colleen Kulikowski's real estate blog turned me on to a story in the Rochester D&C last week.
"Maybe a new stadium is in the future, in Niagara Falls, so it's less a drive for the people from up here," Kelly said.
The Bills, of course, have committed to playing games in Toronto with a plan to market the team up there. Some think the plan is to eventually move the team there.

Bills fans don't need reminding, I'm sure, but Ralph Wilson turn 90 in less then two months. Right now there are no "Post Ralph Wilson" plans, but Kelly has stated he'd like to be considered as a potential new owner.
"I don't have mixed emotions; my loyalty is with the Bills in western New York," he said. "I think it's important, though, to establish relationships with some major people up here, because who knows what the future holds. I've had discussions with Mr. (Ralph) Wilson (team owner), and he knows my agenda. He talks about people up here with money, but I tell him I know 15 or 20 people (in the Buffalo market) with money, too."
I have no idea where they'd put a stadium in the Cataract City, given that it's basically one big brownfield ... but I welcome the concept.

Mercenaries 2 - my new favorite commercal ...

Watching the Bills' game tonight. They've played this commercial a couple times. Very.

On the negative side while watching the game, I wonder if the announcers have ever heard of the Buffalo Bills ... cause it's all Colts all the time. In fact, Marshall Faulk can't even pronounce JP Losman's name.

Slaughter to speak at convention

Elizabeth Benjamin of the NY Daily News writes:

Two upstate New York congresswomen, Louise Slaughter (NY-28) and Kirsten Gillibrand (NY-20), are part of the line-up of speakers at the Women's Caucus meeting during the convention here in Denver.

Both Democrats are scheduled to speak Thursday. They are the only New York electeds on the list (read: not Hillary Clinton).

The Tuesday speakers include EMILY's List President Ellen Malcolm (a big Clintonista), former Bill Clinton advisor-turned-commentator Donna Brazile and two actresses: Rosario Dawson and Fran Drescher.

Gillibrand, a freshman Democrat with ties to Clinton, surprised the New York political world when she came from behind to oust former Republican Rep. John Sweeney from office in 2006 in the 20th CD,. in which the GOP has an 80,000+ voter enrollment edge.

She's now among the Republicans' top targets this fall and is being challenged by former state GOP Chairman Sandy Treadwell.

Gillibrand took over a month off the campaign trail after she gave birth to her second child (she took some heat in the district for daring to get pregnant in the first place) and now evidently feels comfortable enough for a jaunt to Denver to participate in the convention festivities.

Slaughter also has a GOP challenger, David Crimmen, but as of early August, he hadn't raised any money and doesn't appear to pose much of a threat to her.

McCain ad: Obama should have picked Hillary

Does this logic indicate that McCain will be picking Huckabee? If not, doesn't that just open him up to being accused of playing a double standard?

And I know they made the "I'm (candidate) and I approved this ad" thing mandatory a few years back, but does anyone get the impression that the candidates aren't really approving the ads? That said, he can't really say he didn't approve it, can he?

Just some random thoughts.

Brewfest update: 3000 were there ...

According to Buffalo Rising, there were 3,000 people in attendance at yesterday's Brewfest.

The post acknowledges that it was crowded, but basically puts anyone who says it was overcrowded into the category of "typical whiner."

There's a photo in the post taken after mine was taken that better illustrates just how crowded it was.

Also funny: If they IM'd

Just because we now know the identity of Barack Obama's VP candidate, that doesn't negate the humor in this little number I found online.

Basically, it's a hypothetical Instant Message stream between "the short list."

Just funny ...

Brewfest 2008: Contents under pressure

I had been looking forward to the Buffalo Brewfest for weeks. Thirty vendors. Over 100 beers. A whole bunch of people drinking beer. Can it get better?

I went with Frank Miller, production director at WECK and producer for Reason ... and about a million other people.

We showed up at HSBC at about 2 p.m., just in time for the doors to open. Only we couldn't see the doors from the end of the line, which should have been a clue of what we were in for.

When we got into the HSBC "Pavilion" (which should be called the lobby, BTW) it was packed. We got our souvenir glasses, our 20 tokens a piece, a program and a coupon from Consumer's Beverage.

And we got into our first line. And waited.

We each got three ounces of beer and got into another line. And waited.

Another beer. Another line. Another wait. And the crowd kept pouring into the "pavilion."

It wasn't long before it was just too crowded to enjoy anything. We couldn't tell what line we were in. Couldn't tell what the beer was until we got to the front of the line. And no matter how cold ... or how yummy the beer was, it didn't maked up for the feeling of being a sardine.

As a comment states on a previous post:
It was utterly disgusting! There was no room to move or to get a beer under 20 minutes! What a disappointment!
While the concept is phenomenal, the execution was horrible. And I can't even imagine that they didn't plan for that many people, cause they were still letting people in and handing out glasses as Frank and I left ... at about 3:30.

In an hour and a half we had sampled seven beers each and gotten bumped into so many times I lost count.

We donated our remaining tokens to random strangers, went to the Anchor Bar and got some wings and drank a pitcher of Blue without being knocked into once.

Last year, the Brewfest was at Central Terminal, which I'm told was ample to hold just such a crowd. And next week's big event is the Wingfest, which will be at Dunn Tire Park, which would have nicely held the crowd.

I guess what I'm saying is ... location, location, location. And next year they need a new one.

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