Monday, August 18, 2008

An open letter to Don Postles ...

A friend tells me he heard Channel 4's Don Postles lamenting on WBEN over the weekend that no other radio station in WNY covers local news.

I certainly couldn't let piece of misinformation stand ... so I wrote him the following:

I hear you were on Hardline with Kevin Hardwick over the weekend. I confess, I missed it.

Anyway, rumor has it that you were disappointed with local radio because only WBEN reports local news.

I'd like to officially invite you to tune into WECK AM 1230 and or WLVL AM 1340.

WLVL covers Niagara County like nobody else ... with a little Erie County news thrown in. And WECK covers Erie County phenomenally, with just a touch of Niagara County news.

Maybe you didn't know. Now you do.

Granted, we're smaller than WBEN, and you surely can't plug us while on WBEN, but to hear a respected local newscaster such as yourself deny our mere existence is - needless to say - frustrating.
Update: Postles emailed me back this afternoon.

Duly noted, but I must say I have never seen WLVL microphone at Buffalo City Hall, The Rath building or Erie County Hall.

And, of course, he won't see a WLVL microphone at Buffalo City Hall, the Rath Building or Erie County. features Wilson story ... has the Wilson "hazing" (sexual assault) story on it's front page this afternoon.

The story itself is a decent telling by author Elizabeth Merrill, considering, the details on the story have always been sketchy.

Cliff notes version: Two (maybe three) Wilson High School students were sexually assaulted on a bus back from a baseball game. Once news leaked out, the coaches were called out, the team was called out, and the town came to their defense. (Not to the victim's defense ... but to the coaches and assailants).

The story paints a very bleak picture of what it must be like to be a victim. These poor young men have essentially been told that the whole fiasco is their fault. They brought it on themselves ... and it's only "hazing" so they shouldn't make a big deal of it. Moreover, the media was also blamed for "blowing it out of proportion."

When this first happened, you may recall, I covered it extensively. I was told then that it was no big deal. "Boys will be boys," etc.

The same type of comments are now being made on the comments section of the article itself. Some samples:

  • f@#! those gay hicks!
  • I cant wait for Matt Stone and Trey Parker's take on the situation.
  • i wonder if they're democrats or republicans
  • you got to wonder.. maybe if the baseball team WON a game once is a while...,. they woudl have something to feel good about rather then feel totally humiliated ... which in turn usually makes people want to humiliate others.. (45 -0... how that happened I have no idea)
  • Why post this and embarrass these poor kids more? You are just as bad for trying to make a story out of this for your own benefit. You should be ashamed!
  • This kinda really had nothing to do with sports....I mean.... I understand ESPN doing some stories...but this, really?
People disgust me.

(Thanks to Buffalo Pundit for being the first to point out that ESPN was covering this.)

WIVB: Buffalo News downsizing

According to WIVB, the Buffalo News is offering buyouts to about 10 percent of it's workforce in an effort to reduce costs ...
The newspaper reported that their business, like many other news organizations is under financial strain.

News managers will deliver formal letters the targeted employees Monday and those workers have until October 3 to decide whether or not to take the buyouts.

Senior Vice president of Marketing, Dottie Gallagher-Cohen, reports that the move is purely voluntary and no further action will be taken with any worker who turns down the offer.

State senator threatens lobbyists ...

If it weren't for the fact that Fred Dicker wrote this story, I'd find it nearly impossible to believe.

According to Dicker's story in the NY Post:
State Senate Minority Leader Malcolm Smith told a conclave of lobbyists in Kingston last week that their clients would be shut out of a Democrat-controlled Senate in January if they didn't pony up large contributions now, a "shocked" longtime lobbyist has told The Post.
Now, we all know the way politics works. Them that has gets ... and those that don't play along get shut out. But that's the dirty underbelly of the game. Now it appears to be official policy of the Democrats in the State Senate.

First off, it's highly illegal. Not to mention unethical.

Dicker says, "Repeated attempts to reach Smith for comment were unsuccessful, and he didn't return messages left on his cellphone. Curtis Taylor, his press secretary, also refused to discuss the specifics of the event, even though he was among those present."

You may or may not recall that Smith recently boycotted a fundraiser in Niagara County on account of the "nose tweaking" by Dan Rivera, chairman of the Niagara County Democratic Party.

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