Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Buffalo: Good news and bad news

Last week, I saw a story on Buffalo Rising saying Buffalo was being designated a "Preserve America Community."
In a year surrounded by preservation controversy, Buffalo has received national* recognition for its preservation efforts. Over the last three years we have covered many successful restoration efforts... at the same time we still can't manage to come to grips with property owners who prefer to follow the demolition by neglect model.
Of course, it's already an "All America City." (it still bother's me that it's "America" and not "American." I guess I just don't get it.

Well, today I got word from Business First that Buffalo is on a new list. And this one's not so good.
With continued population erosion, above-average unemployment and slow economic growth, Buffalo has been included on a list of "America's Fastest-Dying Cities."
It's nice to know that when Buffalo does die ... it'll be well preserved.

Just booked: Jon Powers

NY-26 Congressional Candidate Jon Powers will be in studio at WLVL on Tuesday from 11:15 until 11:45 a.m., taking questions from yours truly ... and calls from listeners.

For my friends in Buffalo who cannot get WLVL on your radio dial, I'll be re-running the interview on WECK on Wednesday.

For my whole schedule, check the calendars at scottleffler.com.

OMFG This is so hot

Animal attacks - top 10 videos ...

This is hilarious ...

People attacked by a gecko, a squirrel, a kangaroo, a deer, a beaver, some sheep ... and of course birds.

And then there's this story ... with birds attacking one another.
A falcon has gone missing in Glasgow after being attacked by a flock of about 50 urban seagulls.

It was part of a birds of prey demonstration being held at Glasgow Green at the weekend.

Mr Swainson said he remained hopeful of finding the falcon which went missing on Saturday evening.

From the email: Massive dead snake ...

Check out the size of snake in this video. They had to take a video cause the whole thing wouldn't fit in a photo. If this thing were alive it'd be scary.

Column up - on "hate crimes"

I woke up early this morning to write this weeks column.

The topic is one that you've likely heard often in the news over the past month: hate crimes.

Here's an excerpt:
Am I to assume that random acts of assault are somehow less of an affront to social order than those based on contempt for an assumed quality or trait of the victim? Cause that seems to be the message I get from the mere existence of the phrase "hate crime."
Read the rest here.