Friday, August 01, 2008

CIG Poll ...

I just mentioned a web poll.

Here's the link.

Powers camp hits Davis on oil profits ... again

I got the following press release from the Jon Powers for Congress campaign:


Exxon Mobil Reported Almost $90,000 a Minute in Second Quarter Profits

WILLIAMSVILLE, NY – The Powers for Congress Campaign again questions Jack Davis regarding his commitment to reducing the price of gasoline in light of his $35 million in Big Oil and energy stocks. According to his own records, he has profited up to $288,000 off of Big Oil's record profits.

Today Exxon Mobil announced their highest financial quarter yet, posting profits of $11.7 billion. That's almost $90,000 per minute.

"Exxon Mobil and Jack Davis are making record profits while we're paying $4.25/gallon at the pump. The fact that Jack Davis is bankrolling his campaign with money he made from Exxon shows how out of touch he is with everyday Western New Yorkers," said John Gerken, Powers for Congress Campaign Manager.

Last month Powers released his energy plan for Securing Our Energy Independence. He has called for increased investment in renewable energy sources, curbing corporate greed by reigning in oil speculators and forcing oil companies to lead by example.

# # #

I talked with Jon about this tactic on Monday and told him I wasn't sure it was all that logical to hit Davis on owning oil stocks. Of course, CONgressMAN Tom Reynolds used Davis' stock portfolio against him in the last two elections with some success. But would the Powers camp prefer that Davis only invest in stocks that DON'T make money? I mean, really. If you have millions of dollars ... and you're NOT invested in oil right now ... I'd have to question your judgement.

The real question is whether voters will see it that way or not. We'll find out in just under a month.

Note: I'm trying to get Powers in studio next week (on either station) to sit down for an hour and take questions from callers.

Paterson forgets his role

New York State Governor David Paterson on Wednesday forgot his role - literally. On two separate occasions during a speech given to reporters, Paterson referred to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg as "the governor."

Um, Dave. That would be YOU.

Of course, Bloomberg has had his name thrown around as a potential candidate for governor in 2010 ... unless of course he becomes a vice presidential running mate for John McCain ... or Barack Obama. His name has been bandied about as a potential running mate for either.

Yesterday on Reason, I talked a lot about the governor's "hiring freeze" and his desire to pare the budget by $1.2 billion.

Of course, Paterson hasn't curbed spending in his own office. He's added six staffers ... and increased nearly everyone's pay.

Needless to say, this has upset some state workers.

Today on the radio ...

So yesterday on Reason (10 a.m. on WECK) I was supposed to interview Marcia Pappas, New York State President of the National Organization for Women. It completely slipped my mind at the time, but I remembered in time for my 11 o'clock show, Dialog (on WLVL).

I will re-air that interview this morning at 10 on Hometown 1230 WECK ... and will gladly take phone calls and IMs about the interview during that hour. The interview itself runs about 20 minutes, so we'll have plenty of time after the commercial break to discuss it ... and anything else that comes up between now and then.

Meanwhile on WLVL, we'll talk a little about the 30 year anniversary of Love Canal and how far we've come (or haven't come) since then.