Thursday, July 17, 2008

Show notes 071708

I had what seemed to be a million topics today ... both on Reason on Hometown 1230 WECK and on Dialog on WLVL in Lockport.

Let's start with the first show, where I discussed the fact that 75 percent of the Buffalo police officers who would be losing their "take-home cars" live in the suburbs. And we had fun with math on how much it's costing the city. I discussed the suburban terrorists blowing up mailboxes. Talked about story from England where church parishioners were being attacked by flying rats. It was so bad that the pastor started wearing a hard hat to work (photo at left). Joe Major, a WECK co-worker, said I look like Chuck Todd of MSNBC. Plus he told his own bird story. And said he liked my music. Mark from Niagara Falls wonders if the birds have "Mad Bird Disease" or something ... which is why they're acting so strange. And thank goodness, you don't have New York State as a neighbor. And finally we had some breaking news from the Onion about Ronald Reagan robbing a bank ...

Over at WLVL, I discussed a little more on the planned ice rink, plus the city planning on hiring a Main Street Czar. Some people liked the idea. Some (like me) opposed it.

Transportation topic of meeting ...

A national expert on transportation policy will hold a talk with the Greater Buffalo-Niagara Regional Transportation Council this afternoon at the Adam's Mark in Buffalo.

The discussion, led by Frank McArdle (photo at left), member of the National Surface and Transportation Policy, is slated to be called “Transportation for Tomorrow” and take place at 1 p.m. in the Wright Room at the hotel.

McCardle is also the former managing director of the General Contractors Association of New York.

Maybe he can convince the NFTA to expand rail service ...

Heard ...

I will occasionally get emails from people telling stories they've overheard at the grocery store or a local restaurant. They're often funny - with the original story teller being incredibly misinformed ... or just saying something that "catches the ear."

I am now officially encouraging that. If you hear something you want to share with the world, send it to me in either my normal email or ... Occasionally, I'll group 'em together and post it here.

I have three examples to start us off ... things I found humorous.

  • A recent trip to Dunn Tire Park to see the Bisons ... who were losing. The pitcher mishandled the ball attempting to throw it to 3rd Base. A 30-something year old man in the stands yells, "That's why you're in the minors."
  • Several years ago at one of the many Dollar stores in Lockport, a couple in their mid-50s in the aisle over from me: (whispering, but audible) "Scott Leffler's here."
  • An elderly couple at a local grocery store yesterday talking about the power outage in Lockport (which resulted in WLVL being off air). "We almost didn't get to hear Scott Leffler."

Of course, they don't have to be about me ... those are just things that I found entertaining. I've seen another website do this with great results. Most of the "heards" pick on misinformed tourists on that blog.

An example from that website:
Monday night at Kelly's Irish Times:

Female kickballer to male kickballer: "I've decided not to take my clothes off at the bar anymore."
Male kickballer: "Oh really, why?
Female kickballer: "Because no one wants to marry the slut."

From the email; Batman to play at the Palace

Yesterday on Dialog I had mentioned that I want to see the new Batman movie; The Dark Knight. A caller mentioned that the Palace Theatre here in Lockport plays movies, but I said they don't often have first run movies like The Dark Knight, prompting the following email from Ellen Schratz, executive director of the Palace.
Dear Scott,
I heard you were sad that you couldn't see the movie Batman in Lockport.
Well it is your lucky day. (The Dark Knight) will be at the Palace Theatre
Saturday, August 23 @ 9:30Pm, Sunday August 24 @ 7PM, Tuesday, August 26
@ 7:30PM , Wednesday, August 27 @ 1PM & 7:30PM, August 28 @ 7:30PM
You can visit our website for more movie
listings. All of our tickets are only $5.
Ellen Schratz

Historic Palace Theatre
I guess I didn't make my point as clearly as I meant to. I meant I wanted to see it IMMEDIATELY. However, my wife and I do often take the kids to movies at the Palace. The $5 price tag is nice ... and it's very roomy in there.

As an FYI, they'll also be playing the new Indiana Jones movie soon, Wall-E (I recommend it), Kung Fu Panda, Mama Mia, Space Chimps and Sex and the City.

The Palace is an asset to Lockport, but I'd still like a movie-plex with 8 movies playing simultaneously.