Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Show notes for July 15, 2008

Tuesday morning on Reason, I discussed the anti-casino lawsuit (which I think is dumb, by the way), plus the fact that our "value" has dropped significantly over the past five years ... and moths attacking people in the Queen City. Plus, I put out a plea for anyone with Dark Knight tickets for tomorrow's preview ... if you don't want 'em, I'll take 'em.

Over at WLVL, I discussed a story from the Union Sun & Journal about the fire chief reminding folks that open burns are illegal ... even though they aren't. For more on the topic, check out the Gasport, NY blog by my friend Bob Confer.

Blame the birds ...

Buffalo Pundit has a great idea. Let's blame the Common Tern for everything. I like it. I endorse it, even. Leave him a comment about the evils of birds.

How was parking?

I missed Friday's Blood Sweat & Tears concert in Lockport, so I don't know how the parking lots filled up. I saw last week in the Buffalo News that Charlene Seekins-Smith said she wasn't going to lower parking prices, although concert organizers said it might be neccessary.

She said the initial crowd estimate of 8,000 for the Gramm performance was exaggerated.

“There were only 4,000 people there. This concert [tonight] is a more popular concert. You get 8,000 or 10,000 people, where are they going to park? We can’t afford to change [the price]. You have to clean up the next day and pay the liability insurance,” Seekins-Smith said.

Paradowski said her advice to satellite parking lot owners would be to cut their fees.

“No sense in being greedy. I think if they’d kept it at $5, they’d have done a lot better. But people get dollar signs in front of their eyes,” the promoter said.

So. Was that lot filled up? Or might Seekins-Smith start to rethink $10 parking? I'd love to hear from people that were there.

Buffalo Bean: Giving up on Higgins ...

Matt over at The Buffalo Bean, a great local blog, discusses his disgust with the way things in WNY don't change ... specifically the Skyway, which - it appears - is never going anywhere.