Saturday, July 12, 2008

Burger Time = Fun!

For those who haven't visited the forum ... or who haven't checked out the arcade in the forum, I wanted to let you know, I've been wasting a lot of time playing Burger Time since I added it a few days ago.

I'd love to see some friendly competition there.

It looks like you have to be a member of the forum to play ... but that's okay, cause the more members we have in the forum, the more games I can add. For every 10 members, I can add another game. Right now, we're at 11 ... so nine more people means another game.

Plus, the conversation in the forum is fun, interesting, intelligent ... and best of all, civil. You can contribute to any of the topics or start your own.

You don't have to be a member of the forum to read or even to respond to most topics ... but you do have to be a member to read or post in the "members only" section (hence the name).

Ventura to run for Senate?

According to Newsweek, former governor, former wrestler, and former Dialog and Reason guest Jesse Ventura is now mulling over a new job: US Senator from Minnesota.
Ventura, whose eclectic jobs include Minnesota governor from 1999-2003, book author, movie actor and wrestling champ, turns 57 on July 15--coincidentally the same day as the filing deadline for the Senate seat. Living part-time in Mexico, Ventura says he hasn't yet decided what he will do.

If he does take the plunge, he would face incumbent Republican Sen. Norm Coleman and Democratic challenger Al Franken of "Saturday Night Live" fame.
So obviously, if Ventura runs, it's a three way race, making it much more interesting, and giving him a real shot at the seat.

I haven't yet got the Venura interview on my pod-server ... but if you want to listen to it, here it is from WLVL ... it's about half way through.

Obama decides against Nascar sponsorship

From the USA Today ...
NASCAR's BAM Racing team has presented Barack Obama's presidential campaign with a potential sponsorship deal in the Sprint Cup series later this year, but it doesn't look like an Obama car will be burning rubber on the track anytime soon.

BAM team spokesman Rhett Vandiver told The Associated Press on Friday that the team made a sponsorship proposal to the Democratic presidential hopeful's campaign, and has made similar proposals to the campaign of Republican John McCain and at least one third-party candidate.

Late Friday, the Obama campaign said there would be no sponsorship.

RIP Tony Snow

According to FOX, Tony Snow, the former White House press secretary and conservative pundit who bedeviled the press corps and charmed millions as a FOX News television and radio host, died after a long bout with cancer. He was 53.

A syndicated columnist, editor, TV anchor, radio show host and musician, Snow worked in nearly every medium in a career that spanned more than 30 years.

I liked Tony Snow. I know he fed the company line and whatnot ... and would occasionally be argumentative ... but he was fun to watch. And occasionally, he'd fill in for Bill O'Reilly on radio. I always thought he did a great job.