Friday, July 11, 2008

Maziarz speaks up on PCB plan

State Senator George Maziarz, who many of my listeners encouraged on Thursday to fight a plan to bring PCBs to Niagara County, has come out against it, according to the Buffalo News.
"I'm going to do everything I can to make sure this does not happen," State Sen. George D. Maziarz told The Buffalo News late this afternoon. "This is absolutely not right."
The state plans to ship 75,000 tons of PCBs from Glens Falls to CWM in Porter. It's equal to 1,500 truck loads ... or 478 Statues of Liberty full of the toxins.

"Our state boasts a $123.7 billion budget and a DEC led by one of the most renowned environmentalists in the history of the State Legislature," Maziarz wrote Grannis. "I am appalled, therefore, that we are going to move forward with a plan that is less safe and less clean based on no more compelling reason than bids were too high.

"I urge you in the strongest sense possible to delay any further work or awarding contracts until you and I have had an opportunity to discuss this issue and explore alternatives."

I hope the fact that CWM, who has donated to Maziarz campaigns, would stand to lose money if this plan were halted won't prevent George from really fighting to keep these toxins from arriving here.

TIME publishes feature story on Liberatarian ticket

Many of you may know that in addition to my talk show duties, I'm also the chairman of the Niagara County Libertarian Party. As such, I keep an eye on all things Libertarian. So imagine my delight when TIME magazine ran an article about the Barr/Root ticket and the power of the Libertarian Party in the upcoming election.
"Everybody is Libertarian about something in this country," Bob Barr told me over breakfast in midtown Manhattan recently. It's his best pitch, an oft-used explanation of why the Libertarian Party can leverage the country's many discontents. The strongest part of his message is the delivery. Barr is a level man with a rich, assuring voice. Even in a D.C.-standard-issue dark three-piece suit, there's something warm and tweedy about him--a perfectly calm spokesman for the often cantankerous ideas of his party.
A lot of right wing pundits and bloggers are concerned that Barr may ruin this race for John McCain, but I believe he'll draw nearly equally from dis-affected Republicans and Democrats alike. Note: I'm a former Democratic committeeman, and fellow Libertarian Bob Confer is a former Republican.

Obama may sponsor Nascar Team

According to Sports Illustrated, Barack Obama is pursuing an opportunity to sponsor a car in an upcoming Nascar race.

A BAM spokesperson has revealed the team will hold a press conference July 23 in Miami to reveal the partnership, currently a proposed one-race deal with an option to continue. Obama will be at the briefing, which will be tied to the "Get Out The Vote" campaign message he spread throughout the 2008 primary season.

Racing sources claim one of the options being considered would allow individual campaign donors to get their name on the race car for as little as $100. Obama will also be present for a second private fundraiser on July 30 in Miami, in which team owners Beth Ann and Tony Morgenthau -- staunch Republicans -- will give the Democrat an opportunity to spread his message of change. Randy Moss and Fergie are among the celebrities confirmed to be a part of that fundraiser in support of the candidate and his venture into NASCAR.

It would seem to me this further illustrates Obama's peculiar method of attempting to win the presidency, going after typical red states and now ... this.

How very weird ...

I mentioned today that since it's July 11th (7/11), it should be National Slurpee Day ... and that 7/11 should give away free Slurpees. Come to find out, it is ... and they are. And there is a website devoted to the frozen treat. Thanks to a listener for sending me the information on that.

Okay, but that's not the weird part. Apparently, it's also National Cow Appreciation Day, a gimmick by Chick-Fil-A trying to get customers to "Eat Mor Chikin." According to the website, if you dress like a cow, you can get free food. The website gives tips on how to dress like a cow without going out and getting a cow costume.

So here's my idea, dress up like a cow. Go get some free "chikin" and then head over to 7/11 for a free Slurpee.

Thanks to all the listeners who texted and IM'd cow names during Reason. Post more ideas for cow names on the forum ... where I wholly encourage you to read the post entitled "scott leffler is a fag yankee." That post actually violates my "no flaming or personal attacks" rule, but since it is against me, I'm going to let it slide.