Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Can't get you outta my head ...

I have this song stuck in my head ... and everyone knows the best way to dislodge a song from your brain is to share it ...

By the way, Kylie Minogue is hot. That's not the reason the song's stuck in my head ... but it might be the reason I went to YouTube ...

Reason Show Notes 070208

We started the show with an interview with Jon Powers, candidate for congress. Then Frank Miller and I discussed his blog, his bizarre infatuation with David Hasselhoff, and the ongoing bird war. We talked about several recent examples, including:
Thanks to those who called. Don't forget to vote in the poll. It ends tomorrow.

Dialog show notes 070208

NT Mayor Larry Soos was in studio, but from the callers, you would have thought that Brett Sommer was the guest. Many of the callers wanted to discuss Sommer's recently filed bankruptcy and another issue that involved the Council President. Larry and I did get to discuss the upcoming Canal Fest and some other things, though. FYI - I talked with Sommer after the show. He's teaching summer school, so he cannot be a guest until the end of August, but said he will come on then.

Coast Guard excercises result in Fort Niagara Fire ...

From the Buffalo News:
YOUNGSTOWN — Investigators are trying to determine if a minor fire this morning at Old Fort Niagara is linked to a flare used during Coast Guard training exercises being conducted nearby in the Niagara River.

Coast Guard Chief Dennis O'Connell said Niagara Station members were practicing with a variety of aerial distress flares, which are used in cases of emergency, when the fire broke out in a fort office building.

We were planning on picnicking at Fort Niagara State Park on Friday. I hope the park is still open.

Bird War: the Massachusetts front

According to the Cape Cod Times, Cotuit is the latest venue for bird attacks:
COTUIT — As Cape and Islands bird guru Vernon Laux says: Keep your eyes to the sky.

Seriously, walkers on Eisenhower Drive in Cotuit will want to watch out for a pair of red-tailed hawks that are dive-bombing neighbors, including one woman who received 10 stitches yesterday after one of the birds scraped her head with one of its talons.

As a reminder, I'm still looking for infantrymen (and women) who will dedicate their lives to crushing the animal rebellion. Don't forget to vote in the poll, which has another day and a half to go ...

Tom Golisano: kingmaker ...

I've been watching this story for a couple days to see where it's going to go ... and thus far it really hasn't gone anywhere, but is expected to any day now ...

According to The Capital, Sabres owner and former gubernatorial candidate Tom Golisano plans on pouring millions of his own dollars into a political action committee for the purposes of taking out the Republican State Senate.

Don't forget, Golisano started the Independence Party for the purposes of running for governor. He then switched his affiliation to Republican. And he's been friendly with several republicans in Albany, but now, apparently, he's done with them ... or at least the ones running the show.

According to the story in The Capital:
Candidates will mainly be Democrats, but Golisano will consider endorsing Republicans in the races. Candidates will need to be moderate, committed to Golisano’s agenda and not aligned with career politicians. Golisano will be supporting Erie County Legislator Kathy Konst (D) in her bid to unseat State Sen. Dale Volker (R-Erie), former boxer Joe Mesi (D) in his primary bid to succeed retiring Sen. Mary Lou Rath (R-Erie) and former State Sen. Rick Dollinger (D-Monroe) in his bid to unseat Sen. Joe Robach (R-Monroe), though Golisano is unlikely to announce these specific candidates at his press conference next week.
Of course, if one of those seats changes hands, the Senate gets controlled by the Democrats, giving them the Assembly, the Senate, the Attorney General, and the Governor's mansion.

Personally, speaking, the thought of the Democrats controlling everything scares me. You know the saying: Power corrupts ... and absolute power corrupts absolutely.