Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Random notes before bed ...

Everyone I talked to today seemed to have a story about either pigeons or sea gulls. I might pick up the Wimbledon story tomorrow on Reason right where I left off today.

Thanks to Norm Palmer, Pat Burke and Roy Macaluso for coming in to WLVL's studios and talking about Lockport's Athletic Hall of Fame induction coming up in September. (photo at right)

I booked North Tonawanda Mayor Larry Soos for next Wednesday on Dialog. Actually, next week is pretty booked for Dialog ... and pretty empty for Reason. I'll work on adding some guests for Reason tomorrow.

I did some web editing tonight. I updated the "about" page and added a bunch of guests on the "guests list" page. I'm through 2005. I hope to get 2006 done by July 1. It's not a promise, but it is a goal. Another goal is to fix and update the "photos" page. Soon. I promise. I also made the microphone in the top left corner link to the WECK stream. If you click it, it should open in your media player of choice.

My truck just needed a battery ... but I found out batteries for big-@ss trucks are a lot more expensive than for cars. Nonetheless, I feel better. Maybe I didn't have bad karma (check the comments in the previous post).

Finally, the poll has less than 24 hours. Would you ride Metro Rail if it were extended? Vote if you haven't already. New poll tomorrow night, I guess.


About a month ago, my car died.

Today my truck fell ill.

I hope the truck doctor can fix it.

Lockport's ORIGINAL concert series starts tonight ...

There's been a lot of attention paid to Lockport's newest concert series, the Molson Canal Concert Series at Ulrich City Center. But don't forget that the Lockport Library has been holding a concert series on their front porch for years. These are always fun for families with younger kids. I usually take mine to a couple every year and don't expect this year to be any different.

I've added the schedule to the WNY Events calendar but figured I'd add the schedule here, too.

  • Tonight - June 25th - Buffalo and Brady: Magic and Music
  • Next Week - July 2 - Lockport Community Band (Flag Wavin' Patriotic Concert)
  • July 9th - Bart & Kevin Summer Family Fun Concert
  • July 16th - Cathy McGrath (Erie Canal and NY State songs)
  • July 23 - Fiddlesticks (Traditional fiddling, country and bluegrass)
  • July 30 - Buffalo Buzzards: Dixieland Jazz
  • August 6 - Glenn Colton rockin' family concert
  • August 13 - Nan Hoffman (folk music for all ages)
  • August 20 - Tom Seiling "Bugs & Moose ... out on the loose"
  • August 27 - Dady Brothers (Traditional Irish and Celtic music)

Listen to Reason ... live ... online ...

I mentioned this a while ago, but I wanted to put it out there again. Hometown 1230 WECK is now streaming online. That means that no matter where you are, you can listen to Reason with (me) Scott Leffler every day at 10 a.m. (Eastern). You can go to and click where it says listen ... or just click here. I'll be making a WECK Stream button to go somewhere on the website here.