Sunday, June 22, 2008

A little funny before bed ...

Need something to do?

I added another feature to the web site this weekend.

If you access this blog straight from, then on the left at the bottom, there should be a link for WNY Events. It's a simple calendar filled with all the fun things to do around WNY - including a variety of concert series.

If you've got an event - or know something I should add, just drop me a line and I'll put it on the calendar for all to see.

You may notice that the events calendar is still in its infancy, but I'll be adding more to it daily.


Carell bests Myers at Box Office

According to this story from Reuters, Maxwell Smart took control of the weekend box office in North America, while Mike Myers lost his mojo with his new comedy. 'Get Smart,' a remake of the classic television spy spoof, sold an estimated $39.2 million worth of tickets during its first three days, distributor Warner Bros. Pictures said on Sunday.

Here's the thing I don't get. It's only 1 in the afternoon on Sunday. Do they guesstimate for the remainder of the day?

Between the two movies, I'd much rather see "Get Smart" - even though, according to Paul Lane, "The Love Guru" actually has a local connection.

That said, neither of them looks good enough for me to leave the house to go see. Can you say NetFlix?

I'd wave ...

Watch the following video from Keith Olberman's show last week.

Apparently, these guys refused to wave at the president. It's their right. Kind of funny in a way. As much as I dislike this administration, I'd wave to him if he waved to me. And yes, I mean with all five fingers.

Listener: fly your flags upside down ...

The following was dropped off at WLVL last week.

Please Join Us

Are you angry at the present situation in this Country, State or County? High gasoline prices, food prices going up, jobs getting harder to find, no representation from elected officials, heating oil costs heading for the moon, and higher and higher taxes ...

Want to let your views be known? Join the rest of your fellow Americans in a peaceful protest on July 4th as we put our flags out to honor our freedom. Display your American flag flying upside down, which indicates a situation of DISTRESS ...

You don't have to talk to your politicians, you don't have to form a crowd. The simple act of flying your American flag upside down alng with the rest of us will convey the message that we want the situation corrected NOW.

This is probably the easiest thing you could ever do and if those in power don't respect the meaning of our demonstration in July, then we can remember them on Election Day in November.

Thank You
Alfred Wroblewski

So what do you think of this? Is this a reasonable protest? Or just un-patriotic? Will you participate? Will the politicians care? What would the founding fathers think?

Grear will be on Dialog Monday

Been there ... done that ...