Wednesday, June 18, 2008

US&J: Chief Eggert hit by car ...

From Tim Marren's blog at the Union-Sun & Journal:

In a horribly ironic and just all-around odd and scary situation, Lockport Police Chief Larry Eggert was hit by a car, driven by a 19-year-old, while riding his bike home from the station. The accident came just a short while after a press event where Eggert and LPD donated five bikes to the Boy Scouts.

It also came on the same day when Scott Leffler hosted Eggert on his WLVL show, and one caller mentioned he saw Eggert jogging around town recently, but didn’t want to say where he runs, in fear that someone might want to do harm to him.

Marren goes on to say that the accident was just that - an accident. Of course, it was. I couldn't imagine that anyone would ever want to do harm to Larry, one of the nicest and most respectful guys I've come across. Besides, who could have anything against a guy that rides his bike and donates bikes to the Boy Scouts?

It is amazing the bad luck this guy has come across. You may recall that he was shot in February 2003 chasing Jason Kanalley. He, of course, recovered from that - slowly - and was recently appointed chief of the LPD.

For the rest of the story from the US&J - including a photo of the accident, click here.

Here's to a quick recovery, Larry.

(post edited @ 9:47 p.m. - Niagara Times says Eggert suffered a broken leg, broken ankle and broken ribs and is expected to be "laid up" for 12 weeks)

Sabres hold draft party at HSBC

The Buffalo Sabres have been on the cutting edge for the past few years. Even though management hasn't signed the "big names" over the past 12 months, they continue to give us a competitive team and trying new things to get families into the game.

From Tom Golisano's takeover bringing $10 tickets for a preseason game a few years ago, to the Party in the Plaza that everyone's copying now, it seems to me like Sabres managment is making a real effort to cultivate a new generation of hockey fan.

That continues on Friday as autograph sessions with Buffalo Sabres players and family-friendly food and drink specials highlight the NHL Entry Draft Party at HSBC Arena on from 5-9 p.m. The event is free and open to fans of all ages. Parking is also free in the arena ramp.

Dialog show notes 061808

Lockport Police Chief Larry Eggert was in studio discussing the upcoming concert series, Niagara County's new Department of Homeland Security, the price of gas, neighborhood concerns and more. Larry took several phone calls and maintained his composure throughout. The chief said he'll come on again in another month and a half or so.

Reason show notes 061808

We started the show today with a discussion with Rus Thompson on the No GI Tolls initiative. Rus and I also talked about the price of gas and who's fault it is. He says it the Dems' fault. There's less than 24 hours to vote in the poll on that topic at I also mentioned a plan by the governor to outlaw smoking on all college campuses across the state. Not just the dorms, but the outdoor public areas as well. I think it's a joke that it would be illegal for adults to do something legal (smoke). Maybe someone can explain this better. Frank and I talked about the new version of Firefox, which is great ... usually. And we somehow talked about beer. I say Guiness sucks. Others disagree. But one beer thing that does intrique me is the new Beer Tender by Heineken. (at left)

GI toll removal stuck in committee

I got an email last night from Rus Thompson saying the Assembly bill to remove the tolls from the Grand Island bridges is stuck in committee. The senate version is out of committee and expected to be voted on before the end of the session - June 23rd, but the Assembly bill looks like it needs your help.

I'll have Rus on Reason at 10 am to discuss this.

National GOP rips Powers ...

The Republican National Congressional Committee has questioned Jon Powers priorities because Powers missed a town hall meeting to go to what they say was a fundraiser in California.

Jon Powers, Democratic candidate in New York’s 26th Congressional District, and his campaign continue to avoid answering questions about his campaign contributions and why the majority of his contributions are from outside of Western New York. In fact last week Powers claimed to have the needed “hometown support.”

Now, I'm not defending Powers here. If he skipped out on a commitment, I want to know why. But I'm supposed to trust the RNCC to question ANYONE's judgment? Isn't this the same RNCC that Tom Reynolds headed? Tom Reynolds who spent the majority of his time as a congressman running around the country raising money for people? The same RNCC that is missing millions of dollars from when Tom Reynolds headed it? And they're going to question Jon Powers?

Now that's how to hold a fundraiser ...

Although I've been invited so several, I've never been to a political fundraiser before - except as a journalist reporting on the event. But if more fundraisers were like Barack Obama's fundraiser in NYC this Thursday, I'd be MUCH more likely to go.

The campaign is having a "pub crawl." Starting at 7 p.m. Obama supporters will drink their livers out and wander from one bar in the Village to another. They ask that supporters make a minimum donation to the Obama campaign in order to recieve "a sweet Obama button."

Democrat propaganda ...

But it's damn good Democrat propaganda.