Saturday, June 14, 2008

Video commentary: Arresting LHS students is a joke

More on Russert ...

The below video is one of the most popular YouTube videos of the day ... for good reason. It is Tom Brokaw's announcement of Tim Russert's death. The emotion is overwhelming. It's worth noting that Brokaw will host tomorrows MtP, but the host's chair will be vacant in tribute.

Many news sources have begun the obvious next step of wondering aloud who might be the new host of Meet the Press.

Help bring a championship to Buffalo ...

CBS Sports is having a mascot contest. Help Billy the Buffalo win by clicking here.

All Russert ... everywhere ...

The internet is buzzing about Buffalo native Tim Russert's unexpected and untimely death.

This blog was actually one of the first places to report it yesterday, and since then there have been literally thousands of posts on blogs and MSM news sites about it. I thought I'd list some here. may have been the first to report, beating WIVB locally ... and every other MSM source I can find. Today they redesigned their page with lots on the topic including a twitter timeline of local reaction.

MTV, not particularly known for their political prowess, posted a very interesting story about the fact that Russert was so "big" that news of his passing transcended their daily grind ...

Artvoice, ran a piece on it's blog, ArtVoice Daily, entitled "Friday the 13th in Buffalo."

Barack Obama is quoted on as saying "There wasn't a better interviewer."

New York Times Columnist Frank Rich talks with MSNBC's Keith Olberman about it. As did Chris Matthews. And Tom Brokaw told Olberman that Russert's passing was "surreal." Actually, Oberman did a lot with the topic. talking with nearly everyone who ever worked with him, as well as reporters and anchors from other networks.

Washington Post writer Howard Kurtz said Russert revitalized the genre.

Finally - another local blog, Niagara Times, posted his death yesterday afternoon as well. The comments on the very respectful blog post are absolutely disgusting. Noteworthy, the blog is purportedly "to promote civil discourse on issues of concern in Niagara County."

Political map ...

CQ politics defines this as "MapQuest for political junkies." It's really cool. Just click the photo ... and it will take you to CQ Politics, where you can click anywhere on the interactive map and see what they expect to happen in any congressional district.

For example, in my district, NY's 26th, it mentions the departure of Reynolds, the major players in the district, etc. It lists is as "leaning Republican."

Carson and Barnes Circus ...

So last night we went to the Carson and Barnes Circus at the Niagara County Fair Grounds right here in Lockport.

It really is a phenomenal circus. Granted, it's not as BIG as Barnum and Bailey ... but it may be BETTER. You can get closer. It's less expensive. It's more personal. Honestly, it's a great thing and I hope it continues to come here.

Here's our photos of the show ... click any photo to see it larger ...

Carson and Barnes Circus 061308