Thursday, June 12, 2008

USA Today's NHL writer on Reason (Friday the 13th)

So I briefly mentioned the Red Wings dinging the Stanley Cup the other day, and that inspired Frank Miller - production director extraorinaire - to tell me about this book on the history of the mistreatment of Lord Stanley's Cup.

To make a long story short, the author is the NHL beat writer for USA Today - and will be my guest at 10:30 on Friday.

His book is at the left ... although Amazon is currently out of them. Frank said he found a copy at a local libary, though.

Dialog show notes (6/12)

If you'd like to see more about Paul Alexander's book, Machiavelli's Shadow, just click the link. You can buy it right there from Amazon, too ...

After that interview, I re-ran the interview I did with Hell's Kitchen castoff, Bobby Anderson.

Hope you enjoyed it.

Reason show notes (6/12)

Thanks again to Bobby Anderson for his time this morning. I thought it was a pretty interesting interview. If you missed it, check later today for the podcast. I hope Bobby can use the "fame" he's gotten to further his own career ... and do some of the things he wished to do. For more on Bobby, check this previous post.

I also mentioned a new show called Celebrity Circus ... and the fact that it was painful to watch. Maybe if they had some celebrities on it, it would have been interesting.

It's official - Lockportian's like concert series

The poll about Lockport's concert series ended last night. As you can see from the graphic (at right), the yea's outweighed the nay's. I'm sure we'll keep an eye on the concert series throughout the summer. The first one is only two weeks away ...

I'll add another poll as soon as I think of one. :)

Corn hits record high ...

According to this story, corn hit a record high of $7.21 a bushel on Wednesday.

When I worked for the Daily Globe in Shelby, Ohio, I used to have to call somewhere every morning and get the price of corn and wheat and some other things. We listed them in the paper similar to stocks, although I can't recall what prices were then.

The story says the flooding in the midwest is one of the primary reasons for the price increase, although I have to wonder how much of the increase is due to the corn-to-ethanol market.

Another part of me wonders why God would smite the midwest? Afterall, I recall that was the reason for Hurricane Katrina was that those people were evil. But midwesterners are good God fearing Republicans.

Just plain funny ...