Thursday, June 05, 2008

I knew that wouldn't take long ...

Reuters is saying that American Idol runner up, David Achuleta has inked a record deal and will have an album out later this year.

While I definately preferred David Cook, I was certain that the younger singer would land on his feet. In fact, often times, the runner up ends up better off. In fact, he joins past "Idol" also-rans such as Chris Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson and Clay Aiken who have leveraged their stardom on hit television show "Idol" into record, film and Broadway fame.

Aiken, of course, got the best deal, in my opinion ... starring in Spam-A-Lot.

Erie County Conservative Party endorses Mesi ...

I got a press release from the Mesi camp tonight exclaiming "Baby" Joe had been endorsed by the Erie County Conservative Party.

61st District - The Erie County Conservative Party has announced itsrecommendation of Joe Mesi for State Senate. Recognizing that Joe Mesi isa fiscal conservative dedicated to cutting wasteful (spending), the Erie CountyConservative Party is confident he will work to bring fiscalresponsibility back to Albany.

Erie County Conservative Party Chairman, Ralph C. Lorigo said the partydecided to recommend Mesi after meeting with him Thursday night.“He understands that the taxpayers in Erie County have been hit hard bythis economy, and wants to help them get back on their feet by bringingfiscal restraint to the Capital,” Lorgio said.

"I am grateful for Conservative Party’s support,” said Mesi. “This year,we face difficult economic times, and yet Albany voted to increasespending in our State Budget. Having run my own business, I know it’simportant not to spend more than you take in and I think the politiciansin Albany have forgotten this rule. I will work hard to bring fiscalresponsibility to our State Legislature.”

The Conservative Party of New York State was formed in 1962 and is dedicated to the individual freedom, individual responsibility andindividual effort. The Conservative Party has attracted voters from aroundthe state and now boasts a membership of nearly 170,000 members. TheParty has successfully led campaigns to defeat proposed changes to termlimits, excessive School Bond Acts, and expensive transportation bonds.Statewide, the Party has forged strong links to Republicans and Democratsof compatible views and is has established itself as a strong politicalpresence in Western New York, and throughout the state.

Erie County politics are so different from what I'm used to in Niagara County. First we saw the GOP endorse Diane LeVallee (a Democrat) for district attorney today. Then the Conservative Party endorses Joe Mesi (a Democrat) for the 61st Senate.
For more on Mesi, check his web site.

Marren: Concert promoter upset the US&J ran the lineup

Here's a great little story from Tim Marren in the US&J blog ...

Well, apparently we ticked off some people associated with the Molson Canal Concert Series here in Lockport by listing the concerts in Thursday’s paper. Aw shucks.

From David Ulrich via e-mail: “Since you did not wait until Friday per your email we lost the front cover of Gusto – circulation 250,000.”

Tim goes on to explain that the concert organizer, Kathy Paradowski, had sent the list of bands to all the media ... except the Union Sun. So when the US&J got it - thinking they were being burned by Paradowski - they ran it.

Here's a link ...

What Tim didn't know is that Paradowski hadn't sent that list to WLVL either.

But they wanted the Buffalo News to get first dibs.

Tim Marren and I were two of this concert series' biggest cheerleaders ... and the organizer wanted to hand deliver a scoop to the Buffalo News, which, to my knowledge had not promoted the idea of this concert.

I wonder if this is what we're in for?

Fortunately for the US&J ... Mayor Mike Tucker shared the list with them ... and fortunately for WLVL, we had an interview with Tucker scheduled for 6:30 this morning ... and he dished to us.

I just think this Paradowski is strange ... wanting to put Lockport on the Map ... and ignoring Lockport's two media outlets while doing it.

Hartford decries hit and run incident ...

From Newsday:

A 78-year-old man is tossed like a rag doll by a hit-and-run driver and lies motionless on a busy city street as car after car goes by. Pedestrians gawk but appear to do nothing. One driver stops briefly but then pulls back into traffic. A man on a scooter slowly circles the victim before zipping away.

The chilling scene _ captured on video by a streetlight surveillance camera _ has touched off a round of soul-searching in Hartford (Conn.), with the capital city's biggest newspaper blaring "SO INHUMANE" on the front page and the police chief lamenting: "We no longer have a moral compass."

I have just one question: Where was Marshawn Lynch?

News tidbits ...

A couple things I found this afternoon that I thought I'd share ...

  • The LeVallee campaign called me to tell me that the Erie County GOP is endorsing her. She'll still be in the Democratic Primary, but will also be on the Republican line. Hmm. That could be interesting. Here's more from the Buffalo News.

  • The Erie County DA is now investigating the accident on Chippewa involving Marshawn Lynch's SUV, according to WGRZ-TV. Erie County DA Frank Clark is saying that they have evidence that Marshawn was on Chippewa that night. But they're still looking into who was driving.

Feel free to share your thoughts ... just comment on the blog post.

Disco Biscuits at Thursday IN the Square ...

Want some info on tonight's band before heading downtown?

(click here)

This isn't one of the bands that I'm planning on going out to see - plus I have a 9 p.m. softball game ... which would get in the way.

But, hey, it's a free concert ... so have fun and let me know how it was.

From the email ...

Got this joke from a friend. Had to pass it along ...

A driver is stuck in a traffic jam going into Downtown Chicago. Nothing is moving north or south.
Suddenly a man knocks on his window

The driver rolls down his window and asks, 'What happened; what's the hold up?'

'Terrorists have kidnapped Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama, Rosie O'Donnell, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton. They are asking for a $10 million ransom. Otherwise, they are going to douse them with gasoline and set them on fire. We are going from car to car, taking up a collection.'

The driver asks, 'On average, how much is everyone giving?'

'About a gallon'

Dialog show notes (06/05)

Todays show dealt almost exclusively with Lockport's concert series beginning on June 27th.

For the list of bands, check this previous blog post ...

Some questions arose, though ... such as who will be "Jim Morrison" when Riders on the Storm come to town on August 8th. An IM that I got after the show says it will be Brett Scallions, formerly of Fuel. He was kind enough to include a link to their web site ...

Also, a caller after the show concluded reminded me that the band I had seen on Ellen with the new lead singer (but with almost an identical voice to the former lead singer) was Journey, who found their new lead singer on YouTube of all places.

Lastly, some callers had a discussion about natural gas vs. oil ... so I decided to do some research. It's very confusing and didn't help ... but here are a couple of links I read through.

As you can see from the three links, everyone seems to have a different take on this issue. Very confusing. But ... my take is that since I don't really use that much oil now that I'm heating primarily with the wood stove ... the "advantage" of switching to anything would take a decade to recoup. So I'll stay where I am, thank you.

By the way, Thrifty Oil and Propane has oil at $4.29 a gallon ... exactly what I paid for it last week. So my delivery guy must have been pulling my leg.

Don't forget the poll on what you think of Lockport's concert lineup (at right).

Reason show notes (06/05)

Today's show started with things I want ... like a Tim Horton's in the middle of the Niagara County dead zone (see blog post below) ... and a Chipoltle Mexican Grille.

I mentioned a web site called eBaum's World ... it's a funny site ... but not always work-appropriate. So consider yourself warned.

And I discussed things that are difficult to say when drunk. Check this previous blog post for the list ...