Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Not enough Tim Hortons ...

I have come to the conclusion that there just aren't enough Tim Hortons.

Yeah, there's four in the Lockport area ... a few in NT ... and a couple in the Falls (plus a ton in Erie County) ... but what about rural Niagara County?

I drive to a friends house in LaSalle every Wednesday. There's not one Tim Horton's along my route. What's up with that?

Can't they put one on 31 at Shawnee or something? Or how about the corner of Lockport and Ward? And if you're going from Lockport to Youngstown ... forget it. You better stock up ahead of time.

I think there should be a dollar store and a Tim Hortons at least every couple miles.

Okay. I'm just kidding ... about the dollar store part.

By the way, check the map. (click on it to enlarge) I love that MapQuest spells Pekin ... Perkin. Maybe there should be a Perkins there. Can't have too many of those, either.

Judge This! Sandra Day O'Connor unveils video game.

While it may not have the violence and action that todays teens are used to in video games, one former Supreme Court Justice hopes they get hooked.

America's first female Supreme Court justice unveiled a videogame project on Wednesday to teach children how courts work, saying she wanted to counter partisan criticism that judges are 'godless' activists, according to a story on

The project, called Our Courts, will aim to capture a portion of the 40 plus hours that kids spend with TV, computers and video games each week.

Best of luck Sanda Day O'Connor. And don't quit your day job. (she already did in 1996 - oops)

Their ears must have been ringing ...

Minutes after I posted my last blog wondering what was up with the Lockport concert series, the following list appears on the Niagara Gazette's web site.

Molson Canal Concert Series at Ulrich City Centre in Lockport

• JUNE 27: Lou Gramm

• JULY 11: Blood, Sweat & Tears

• JULY 18: Nazareth

• JULY 25: Kenny Wayne Shepherd

• AUG. 1: Robert Randolph

• AUG. 8: Riders On The Storm

• AUG. 15: REO Speedwagon

• AUG. 22: Jeff Martin

For the accompanying story by Joyce Miles, click here.

I have to agree with Lockport Mayor Mike Tucker. The coolest addition is Riders on the Storm, the remaining members of the Doors.

As a proponent of the local music scene, I look forward to seeing what local acts will be playing the opening gigs.

Lockportians growing impatient on concert schedule

Posters at the Union-Sun & Journal's web forum type what most Lockportians have got to be thinking ... what the hell is going on with the Molson Concert series.

It's now into June. Thursday in the Square has started. Artpark's concerts have started. North Tonawanda announced their lineup for the series that replaces what once WAS the Molson Concert series. And we've heard nothing official here in the Lock city.

Many have been following a web site called (as have I) and note that there are a handful of concerts listed there, but frankly, only a couple that are listed look like something to write home about.

Lou Gramm on June 27
Blood, Sweat and Tears on July 11

REO Speedwagon has the series listed on their website for an August 15th date.

But, seriously, with less than a month before the first concert, you would think we'd have more details. It makes me wonder what the problem is.

2MR now on WLVL ...

As of today (right now, in fact) 2 Minutes of Reason is now a daily staple at my original Hometown radio station.

This afternoons edition, which just ran, was about Scott McClellan's new book and the fact that has a problem with it.

The feature now runs every morning (at various times) on Hometown 1230 WECK in Cheektowaga(Buffalo) and every afternoon at 2:30 on Hometown 1340 WLVL in Lockport.

Of course, if you miss it on air, catch it on line at Just click on the podcast section ...

Atlanta company's got 'Moxie'

Looks like New York State will allow an Atlanta company to begin distributing a "game of chance" within the state.

Pace-O-Matic, which had a three-year run with a similar game in Ohio before officials there changed that state’s law to bar the games, plans to introduce a game called "Moxie" for bars and taverns in this state.

(story link)

I'll talk about this ... and the New York State Lottery during Reason at 10 a.m. on Hometown 1230, WECK.

Clinton won't concede - Dean pushes envelope

News yesterday was the Hillary Clinton would concede the nomination to Barack Obama last night and begin pushing the notion that she would make a swell veep.

Well, she didn't ... and now Democratic Party leaders are trying to round up the wagons.

According to The LA Times, chairman Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are calling for a Friday deadline for superdelegates to make up their minds ... effectively ending the now hopeless, one-time frontrunning campaign of Hillary.

I watched some of the returns last night on MSNBC after I got done watching Hell's Kitchen (go Bobby). Barack Obama's speach was elequent and magnanimous. Hillarys was ... not.

Really, the longer she stays in, the more I was Barack Obama to find a way to punish her. Still praying she's not his V.P. selection.