Saturday, May 31, 2008

Libertarians Dream of Being the Tie-Breaker

According to this story, the Libertarian Party is hoping to wield some influence in the coming election due to the "purple" nature of the country.

I've said for a long time, I'd like to see 215 Republicans, 215 Democrats and 5 Libertarians (or other independents) in Congress. This would give the "real" power to those 5 LP members and would prevent the extrememist loons from either party from running rough-shod over the Constitution.

Interesting to note in the story, they quote a Libertarian monthly named "Reason."

What a good name for a magazine ... or even a talk show. :)

Dunkin Donuts pulls "terrorist ad"

Advertising - For Dunkin’, a Tempest in an Iced-Coffee Cup -

Further proof that the rabid right-wing of the US is abso-friggin-lutely out of the mind.

The link above explains that Dunkin Donuts has pulled an ad featuring Rachel Ray wearing a black and white scarf becuase the folks behind Little Green Footballs thought it looked like a "terrorist scarf."

*shakes head*

Check out the YouTube video below ...

Dems compromise on Florida and Michigan

The Associated Press: Officials say Fla., Mich. delegates will get half-votes:

This really seems to have been close to a best-case-scenario for Hillary Clinton, and yet, she's not happy at all. In fact, her people were protesting outside the meeting saying that if she didn't get everything she was asking for, they were going to vote for John McCain.

I find it hard to believe that suddenly Hillary Clinton supporters are going to shack up with McCain.

Worth noting, Hillary has said she may appeal this decision to the Democrats' credentials committee, which could potentially drag the matter to the party's convention in August.

Rush Limbaugh's gotta love this, don't you think.