Saturday, March 29, 2008

Stuck in (air) traffic ...

Looks like my flight home is delayed by about a half a hour ... so that gives me some time to blog.

NYC was awesome ... even if it was a short trip. But I sure as hell did a lot of walking. In fact, both my feet are throbbing and my left knee is killing me.

I hate getting old. Funny thing is I have a bum knee ... but it's the RIGHT knee. Which is fine.

Of course, I always have sore feet following vacation. Cause I walk EVERYWHERE. Ask anyone who's ever gone anywhere with me. I just can't pay to ride the subway or cab if I'm perfectly capable of walking.

As an example, today I walked from The Village (4th St) to the UN (46th St) ... then back to 23rd ... and then up to 34th.

I'll write more later ... or maybe tomorrow. I don't want to overwork my fingers, too. :)

UNblog ...

No, this isn't an unblog ... it's a UN blog ... as in a blog post from the United Nations.

I've been to NYC six or seven times now, but none of my travel companions have ever been interested in going to the UN. This time I'm here alone so I can do what I want ... well almost. My wife said no hookers.

Anyway, this place is very ... cool? That's not the right word. It's very serene ... and causes one to think.

I took lots of pictures, which I'll post when I get back to WNY later tonight.

Now I'm off to get a bite ... then my convention.

Oh, I tried to go to my hat place ... first thing I did, actually, when getting into Manhattan. I wasn't thinking ... cause it was 8 AM ... and of course they weren't open. Duh. Maybe I'll have time later, but I don't think so.

On my way ...

I've always wanted a job that required me to travel ... be a jet setter. It seems important. But as I sit here at the Buffalo Niagara Interational Airport - on my way to a meeting in New York - all I really want to do is sleep.

I am looking forward to my meeting. It's sort of a talk show host convetion. I always meet great people and get treated very well by the hosts.

The "Media Summit" - as the organizers call it - is at 1:30. And I'll be in NYC by 8 a.m. So I'll have about 5 hours to "play" ... but as I'm going solo, no one to play with.

Oh well.

I'm looking forward to breakfast at the Tick Tock Diner. And hoping to find a sweet hat at this little hat shop in the Village.

I'll probably get bored and blog more later.

'til then.