Double live blog? Why not?

So ... you know there's a debate tonight, right? I'll talk about it with's Marc Odien this morning at 10:30 on Reason on Hometown 1230 WECK. They'll be having a debate party at Coles on Elmwood. Meanwhile, I'll be LiveBlogging it right here at ...

And ... there's a hockey game tonight, too. I've been LiveBlogging those too.

Dilemma ... what's a man to do?

I think I've decided that the LiveBlog will kick off at 7 at the start of the hockey game ... and we'll talk Sabres for a bit ... then mix in some politics starting at 8 p.m. as debate watchers start to trickle in. At 9, when the debate starts, I'll shift my primary focus to the debate, but for those watching hockey, keep talking about it ... keep the rest of us up to date.

So ... it's a Double Live Blog. Could be a disaster ... or a whole lotta fun.