Friday, October 31, 2008

My new car ...

So I got what I believe to be a good deal on a 2007 Honda Element today from West Herr Honda in Lockport.

They have to detail it and give it new brakes and tires, so I don't get it 'til Monday or Tuesday ... But I'm psyched ... Cause this is the car I've wanted for the past few years.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Weekly update ...

News, notes and necessities

items of interest the week of Oct. 27, 2008

an occasional update from me, Scott Leffler

News: WLVL is now streaming online at

Wednesday: On Reason, what's going on with that bird war? Plus some politics and general disgruntledness. And on Dialog, we'll talk about the Sheriff's race and the joint City/Town Halloween Party.

Thursday: On Reason, I'll interview Congressional Candidate Alice Kryzan, paying special attention to the campaigns commercials. Dialog listeners will get a chance to ask their own questions of the Sheriff's candidates, Jim Voutour and Ernie Palmer, as the pair will both be in studio. And Thursday night a Sabres LiveBlog at beginning at 7 p.m.

Friday: Some politics, some Halloween. Former DNC Chairman Don Fowler will join me on both stations as a surrogate for Barack Obama. I also tried to get Mike Huckabee as a surrogate for John McCain, but that didn't work out. Plus an interview with Mason Winfield about WNY Haunts.

Notes: Election day is fast approaching. And that means election night is fast approaching, too. For those looking for local election coverage, be sure to tune in to WLVL (or beginning at 9 p.m. I'll be anchoring coverage with news and analysis on all the local elections of note from Erie and Niagara counties, including the Niagara County Sheriff's race, State Senate and Assembly races, and local congressional races. WECK will be airing a UB Football game, so for politics, make sure you tune in to WLVL or

Necessities: In preparation of tomorrow's interview with Alice Kryzan, make sure to read this story from the Buffalo News.

I sent this to you because I thought you might appreciate it. If I was wrong, please just respond and ask to be taken off the mailing list. I'll take care of it. If this was forwarded to you and you'd like to receive future updates, please email and ask to be added to the list. I'll make that happen.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Back on the bus ...

So if the MegaBus experience back to Buffalo is as good as it was on the way to NYC, I'll definately take it again.

I'm in the very front seat of the double-decker bus, so the view is spectacular.

NYC was a great experience as always. I love this city ... But in small doses. I could never live here.

The conference went well ... And you'll definately hear some of the potential guests I met on air soon ... Some as soon as this coming week.

Some of the guest pitches were great ... And some were bad. But the good more than makes up for the bad.

After the conference, I had lunch at Chipotle (see photo from earlier post). I really wish we had these in WNY. I'd be a regular.

From Chipotle, I jumped the subway to the Bronx to see Yankee stadium. Overall, it was just a stadium, but I'm glad I saw it before they tore it down. More Yankee Stadium pix when I return to Lockport.

From Yankee Stadium it was on to the NHL Store. Loved it. (photos to come)

Then Toys R Us (photo in earlier post with more to come) and then this McDonalds I had heard about on the Travel Channel, I think. It was decadent.

Then I meandered and found an ice rink but it was closed due to rain. :(

My final destination was Harrington's bar where I watched some of the Rangers/Pens game. Harrington's is right next to MSG so it's a great place to watch a Rangers game.

I decided, however, to root for the Pens ... Becuase my good friend Al is in Pittsburgh with his son, who is there for a medical procedure ... So he thought a Penguins win might bring some good Karma.

With that in mind, I close this with something I may never say again ... "Go Penguins."

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Toys R Us ...

The Toys R Us in Time Square is always cool. But they haven't changed too much in my last few visits here (the Lego displays are exactly the same).

But this Transformers display really caught my eye. I love the Decepticon symbol (logo? icon?).

Anyway. More to come.

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Yankee Stadium

I was too late for a tour, but some guy from the front office snuck me in so I could get a quick pic of the field. More photos of "The House That Ruth Built" later.

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This is what I REALLY came to NYC for.

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Today's front page

The New York Post.

Check the bottom left corner: "B is for Bull----"

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Welcome to Buffalo!

Waiting for the MegaBus at Buffalo Niagara International Airport. (It's late). I snapped this photo cause it amused me. Nothing says "Welcome to Buffalo" like an abandoned luggage cart.

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Friday, October 24, 2008

On my way ...

So, I mentioned briefly on WECK this morning that I'm going to New York City this weekend.

I go every six months or so for - basically - a talk show host convention.

It's always a good time and I get to whore around Manhattan while I'm there.

So I'm waiting at the Buffalo Niagara Interational Airport for my bus and I thought I'd post a quick blog to let you all know that I'll be blogging from the city while I'm there.

On my way to the airport, there was a DUI traffic stop on Transit in Clarence. Cop asks me, "How much have you had to drink tonight?" To which I respond, "No." Fortunately he was quick to realize that I was just stupid. Not drunk.

More shenanigans in the morning from beautiful Manhattan.

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Pumpkin time!

Here's a photo I took with my phone of my 2008 pumpkin.

Sabres and USA Hockey to hold press conference

Just got this from the Sabres:
USA Hockey to Make Major Announcement Monday in Buffalo
Press Conference Set for 2 p.m. in HSBC Arena Atrium

WHAT: A major announcement from USA Hockey
WHERE: HSBC Arena Atrium, Buffalo, N.Y.
WHEN: Monday, October 27, 2008 2 p.m. ET
AMONG THE SPEAKERS: Dave Ogrean, executive director, USA Hockey
B. Thomas Golisano, owner, Buffalo Sabres
Gary Bettman, commissioner, National Hockey League
Larry Quinn, managing partner, Buffalo Sabres
Jim Johannson, assistant executive director, USA Hockey
DETAILS: Media planning to attend are asked to arrive by 1:45 p.m. and should enter the HSBC Arena through the main entrance at the foot of Washington Street ... Advance credentials are not required ... The announcement will be streamed live on both and
Sounds like good news, doesn't it? We'll have all the details as soon as it is officially announced.

Last night's SNL ...

As last night was a hockey night ... I missed SNL's special Thursday edition ... and I'm thinking many of you did as well.

But here's the best part:

Friday morning front pages ...

LockportUSJ102408 NiagaraGazette102408 TonawandaNews102408
BuffaloNews102408 RochesterDC102408 USAToday102408

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Freedom to LiveBlog

If you were following along in the LiveBlog last night, I mentioned that the Sabres media folks had told me that not all NHL teams are so appreciative of LiveBlogging.

Apparently, a member of the Edmonton media was removed from a recent Oilers game - and told not to come back - because he was "liveblogging without permission" or something stupid like that.

I found the story online ... and it's true.

Although the blogger in question seems to think it may have had more to do with what he was saying than the fact that he was saying it in a LiveBlog.

For those of you who have paid attention, you'll notice that I LiveBlog during Sabres games, whether I'm watching them from HSBC or from home. While I'm at the games, I also take a few snapshots here and there, interview some players after the game and typically sit in on the post-game press conference (occasionally asking questions that cause the head coach to laugh at me).

I can't speak for any other sports organization, but I can tell you that the Sabres front office treats the local media very well.

And I'm not just saying that cause the read this blog. :)

Sabres captain out for at least two weeks ....

I got this from the Sabres a few minutes ago.
BUFFALO, NY (October 22, 2008) – Buffalo Sabres GM Darcy Regier announced that defenseman Craig Rivet had arthroscopic surgery on his knee today. His recovery is expected to be a minimum of two weeks.

Rivet has three points (0+3) in six games with the Sabres this season, after being acquired in a trade from San Jose on July 4. The 34-year-old Rivet was named the 23
rd captain in franchise history on October 8.
Let's hope for a quick turnaround on this.

Front page news for Oct. 22

NiagaraGazette102208 LockportUSJ102208 TonawandaNews102208
BuffaloNews102208 RochesterDC102208 USAToday102208

Sabres photos 102108