More on Puck Drop 2008 ...

The response from today's events at HSBC seems to be overwhelmingly positive.

Everyone seems to love the new jerseys.

Everyone seems to love the fact that Darcy Regier got a contract extension.

Everyone seemed to love the street hockey tournament.

People seemed to love the autograph session with almost every Sabre there is. Note: the longest lines were for Miller and Afinogenov. (So although he had a bad year last year, the crowd still loves Max). Second note: I missed out on most of the autographs cause I was in the press conference, but my wife and kids got about a dozen each and said all the players were great (but their favorite was Stafford, who signed their shirts).

And personally, I loved the press conference in the afternoon. This guy, however, seemed to think that it was out of line to ask political questions.

I asked two questions at the press conference, one about Responsible New York ... and a second about the shared ownership deal. Golisano answered the first and Regier answered the second.

Good times.

BTW, I ordered a blank jersey from Dave and Adams Card World on Sheridan. They said it'd be in on Dec. 2nd.

Oh, and here's a link to some more of the photos I took.