An open letter to Don Postles ...

A friend tells me he heard Channel 4's Don Postles lamenting on WBEN over the weekend that no other radio station in WNY covers local news.

I certainly couldn't let piece of misinformation stand ... so I wrote him the following:

I hear you were on Hardline with Kevin Hardwick over the weekend. I confess, I missed it.

Anyway, rumor has it that you were disappointed with local radio because only WBEN reports local news.

I'd like to officially invite you to tune into WECK AM 1230 and or WLVL AM 1340.

WLVL covers Niagara County like nobody else ... with a little Erie County news thrown in. And WECK covers Erie County phenomenally, with just a touch of Niagara County news.

Maybe you didn't know. Now you do.

Granted, we're smaller than WBEN, and you surely can't plug us while on WBEN, but to hear a respected local newscaster such as yourself deny our mere existence is - needless to say - frustrating.
Update: Postles emailed me back this afternoon.

Duly noted, but I must say I have never seen WLVL microphone at Buffalo City Hall, The Rath building or Erie County Hall.

And, of course, he won't see a WLVL microphone at Buffalo City Hall, the Rath Building or Erie County.