Show notes for July 10, 2008

On Reason, I talked with Lee Bordeleau, who - with the help of Jim Ostrowkski - is suing New York State for not following the state constitution. Lee has had 42 people contribute $100 to the lawsuit. He hopes to get 58 more within the next five days. He said people could call his office at 433-0574 for more information.

On both Reason and Dialog, I ran an interview with Congressional Candidate Jack Davis, who was giving Monroe County residents a gas holiday ... offering gas for $1.50 a gallon from noon til 4 today at a station in Greece. He hinted that he may be considering a third party run for congress if he fails to with the Democratic primary against Jon Powers.

I also talked about the loose cows at Reservoir State Park ... how they got to be loose, why they were so difficult to catch ... and Utah imports cows from Canada. It is with a heavy heart that I report all three cows were killed in order to "ensure public safety."

On Dialog, in addition to Jack Davis and cows, I also discussed a plan to ship 75,000 tons of PCBs into Niagara County. Many callers were rightfully upset at this plan and want politicians - namely State Senator George Maziarz - to step up and stop this from happening. I asked aloud if this official made us the armpit of New York State.