Today's show notes ...

I'm late in getting to today's show notes, so I'm combining them.

On both Reason, I interviewed Sheriff Joe Arpaio, sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona. His solution to things was simple ... if people break the law, arrest them. And once they're in jail, don't coddle them. I re-played the interview on Dialog at 11:15. For a direct link to Joe's book on Amazon, click here.

Following Sheriff Joe on Reason, I talked with Toni Lyn Frain about this coming Sunday's Kidney Walk at Dunn Tire Park. I've known Toni since i was "this tall," and she shared some embarrasing stories from my youth ... as did I. For more on the Kidney Walk, click here.

Back at WLVL, following Sheriff Joe, I interviewed Patrick Robinson about his new book, "To the Death." It dealt with Guantanamo ... and let's just say Patrick and I disagreed on some things. Nonetheless, if you'd like a copy of Patrick's book, click this link.

Tomorrow, we've got the Niagara County Historial Society on Dialog ... and I'm planning on winging it during Reason.