Clinton won't concede - Dean pushes envelope

News yesterday was the Hillary Clinton would concede the nomination to Barack Obama last night and begin pushing the notion that she would make a swell veep.

Well, she didn't ... and now Democratic Party leaders are trying to round up the wagons.

According to The LA Times, chairman Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are calling for a Friday deadline for superdelegates to make up their minds ... effectively ending the now hopeless, one-time frontrunning campaign of Hillary.

I watched some of the returns last night on MSNBC after I got done watching Hell's Kitchen (go Bobby). Barack Obama's speach was elequent and magnanimous. Hillarys was ... not.

Really, the longer she stays in, the more I was Barack Obama to find a way to punish her. Still praying she's not his V.P. selection.