Show notes (fun facts about men)

Today's show was fun ... Fun Fact about Men. As stereotypical as it was, most of it was soooo true. The best part was the guy that knew the types of lettuce. I never woulda known. Click here for even MORE types of lettuce. The pension stuff - although not exactly jovial, was a good topic ... and it met the criteria of ANYTHING BUT POLITICS. That last caller ... the woman who's always "okay, I guess" ... will someone buy her a drink! She has the innate ability to SUCK THE LIFE OUT OF A SHOW!!! The bar I went to Saturday, BTW, was Gonzos. My buddy I talked to: Dennis Farley. Good man. Also, I didn't play the President's Weekly Radio Address cause I quit playing the real one - it sucks. And I didn't play the parody cause it wasn't exactly FCC friendly this week ... but it was very funny. I suggest you listen to it ... but only if you're not easily offended.

Click here for podcast of Monday's show.