Stuck in (air) traffic ...

Looks like my flight home is delayed by about a half a hour ... so that gives me some time to blog.

NYC was awesome ... even if it was a short trip. But I sure as hell did a lot of walking. In fact, both my feet are throbbing and my left knee is killing me.

I hate getting old. Funny thing is I have a bum knee ... but it's the RIGHT knee. Which is fine.

Of course, I always have sore feet following vacation. Cause I walk EVERYWHERE. Ask anyone who's ever gone anywhere with me. I just can't pay to ride the subway or cab if I'm perfectly capable of walking.

As an example, today I walked from The Village (4th St) to the UN (46th St) ... then back to 23rd ... and then up to 34th.

I'll write more later ... or maybe tomorrow. I don't want to overwork my fingers, too. :)