On my way ...

I've always wanted a job that required me to travel ... be a jet setter. It seems important. But as I sit here at the Buffalo Niagara Interational Airport - on my way to a meeting in New York - all I really want to do is sleep.

I am looking forward to my meeting. It's sort of a talk show host convetion. I always meet great people and get treated very well by the hosts.

The "Media Summit" - as the organizers call it - is at 1:30. And I'll be in NYC by 8 a.m. So I'll have about 5 hours to "play" ... but as I'm going solo, no one to play with.

Oh well.

I'm looking forward to breakfast at the Tick Tock Diner. And hoping to find a sweet hat at this little hat shop in the Village.

I'll probably get bored and blog more later.

'til then.