Thursday, April 19, 2007

I hate people ...

Okay, so maybe that's not wholly accurate. I don't hate "people." I only hate some people. The stupid ones. Unfortunately, it seems as though they outnumber the rest of us.
A short while ago, the kids and I jumped into the car to go to the grocery store. I shop at Aldi for most of the stuff we use. So typically, when I say "the grocery store," that's what I mean - Aldi. Anyway, if you frequent Aldi, you're probably familiar with the concrete pad in front of the store, clearly marked "No Parking." If not, you'll have to take my word for it.
We pull into Aldi and are walking into the store, when I point to the ground and ask my six year old (she'll be seven tomorrow), "Honey, what does that say?" She says, "No parking." She's six. She can read it. But the idiot who parked there obviously couldn't. I told her she was apparently smarter than whoever drove that car. She laughed. I wasn't kidding.
Once in the store, every child - aside from my own apparently had ADHD. I'm a proud dad. I think my kids are the best. But I'm not just pulling this one out rectally. Other people's children are crazy. Don't people parent?
I looked into getting a gun permit the other day. Called the gun permit office (yes, there is such a thing). Found out it cost $200 and you had to take a course if you want to have a hand gun. But any idiot can have kids. And most of them do.
Alright, maybe I do hate people. You got me.
Have a great evening.

Lockportians win some ... and lose some ...

On Wednesday, the councils of the city and town of Lockport each took a step. One (the city) in the right direction. The other (the town) in the wrong.

Under attack from a very small group of people (okay, it was mainly me), the Lockport City Council decided to move its meeting times back an hour so honest, working folks (like yourselves) could attend. Although Alderman Pat Schrader said it wouldn't mean anything and no one would care, 23 people attended the Common Council meeting last night. That's about 17 more than normal. Those in attendance thanked the council for moving the time and explained that it's easier for working folk with families to go and be a part of government.

Meanwhile, outside city limits, the Lockport Town Council held a 2 p.m. meeting - a public forum no less - to discuss (and then vote on) a public referendum asking for a four-year term for the supervisors position. Not only is the four year term unneccesary, the time of the meeting is unreasonable. Who the heck (not the word I wanted, but you get the gist) can go to a meeting at 2 p.m.?

Moral of the story, the city get's it - even if begrudgingly. The town is still out to lunch. Which would be much more appropriate at 2 p.m. than a public forum would be.

More later.