Saturday, February 04, 2006

KFC - they do lunch right ...

Protesting Lunch

KFC Protestors get ready

In this photo, the protestors are just getting set up ... getting their game faces on and getting out their PETA supplied signs. I walked up and told them that I admired their resolve ... but disagreed with their specific cause. They asked why ... I told them that it's cause their trying to champion CHICKENS, to which one replied: "Studies show that chickens are just as smart as dogs or cats or monkeys." I added - "But dogs and cats and monkeys are cute," which got me in return: "Chickens are cute." I had 'em. "Do any of you have a chicken for a pet?" Silence.

KFC Protestors with signs
Despite my disagreeing with their cause, they were kind enough to pose for me to take a picture. Most - if not all of them - are in high school. Good for them.

What the protest looked like as I ate my chicken sandwich
This is the view from inside KFC while eating my chicken sandwich. Poor kids. They look so cold out there.

Joe posing with lunch (protestors in background)
Joe Speer. He's the man.

So the moral of the story is: Protesting is great. But pick a good cause. Not one your local radio talk show host is going to mock.

Catchin' Up

Yesterday's show was interesting. I really am upset that the US&J allowed FMC to get away with that smear job ... and then to aid them with that "nun" headline.

By the way, it wasn't Bertell that I had on the plutonium-related show ... it was Janette Sherman. Oops. My bad. Scientists. They all look the same to me. :)

I'm waiting for Joe to come over so we can go to KFC for lunch. I'm bringing the camera. I'll post some pix here later.

I also thought yesterday's Interview went pretty well, although I still disagreed with the guy. Oh well. But the kicker was that the boss yelled at me cause he didn't think it was appropriate. We were broadcasting live from DeSales for Catholic Schools week and he seems to think talking about porn was off-key. Hmm. Maybe he was right. I didn't consider that, though.

We went to see the Harlem Globetrotters last night. Pretty cool. The girls enjoyed it. The little one wanted to buy a basketball afterwards, but they were too expensive. I'm hoping we can get our driveway paved this spring. Then we'll get a basketball net and a ball to go with it ... but one from WalMart - more my price range.

I just watched # 1 Single on E! It was cool. Lisa Loeb, the star of the show, went on a blind date with Allen Salkin, author of The Festivus Book. How very.

Um, Lisa Loeb is kinda hot. Bet she'd look good in a t-shirt.

That's all for now, folks.

More later.