Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Afternoon bloggin' ...

Just got done with a nice afternoon Gazelle session (1.57 miles - 18 minutes - 189.9 calories). That puts me at 3 1/2 miles for the day. Not too bad. Aim higher tomorrow.

I thought the Ed show went well. What'd you guys think? My goal was to be fair. I thought I accomplished that. I never want to softball guests ... but I also don't want to act all macho and hard@ss. It's a fine line between tough questions and being a dick. It's also a fine line between being nice and being easy. (Personally, I always liked girls that were both ... but that's another thought for another blog)

I interviewed John Faso this afternoon. That was pretty good. I'll be airing it tomorrow at 12:30, but it'll be up on the podcast later today. I'll post a link to it here. It's tough to think that the election is right around the corner (didn't we just have one), but it is.

That's all for now. Off to pick up the kids. More later.

Morning thoughts ...

Gazelled this morning (2 miles - 243 calories - 25 minutes). I'd like to do another mile or so this afternoon. Even though Rooney updated his site, I still need to get down to 180. Maybe I should set a more reasonable goal. Like getting to 180 before the mayor does.

Speaking of the mayor - met with Tuck and Joe Speer yesterday afternoon to discuss Winterfest. Politics is so funny ... and I'll leave it at that. Looks like our plans as planned are moving forward, but the youth department really wants to make Friday night a blowout ... which is cool, but will likely be daunting once they get there.

Watched 24 Sunday and Monday nights. It's a cool show, but the whole thing is so implausible. Four hours in and the former president was assassinated, as was a former member of the CTU (counter terrorist unit - like the CIA), an airport was taken over by terrorists ... and taken back by the good guys, the president signed an accord with the president of Russia, the first lady was drugged, and more. Did I mention that the "day" has only progressed four hours?

Todays show with Ed McUnion should be fun. I hope the folks call. I don't want to just argue with the guy for an hour. Maybe we'll talk about our favorite TV shows if no one calls.

Tomorrow is the Historical Society. As much as I like those people, those shows are so hard to get excited about.

But tomorrow's interview should be cool. John Faso - Republican for governor. Wonder what dirty trick the GOP plans on doing to sink Spitzer? You know they're going to form some "ex-girlfriends of Eliot for justice" or something and some bitch is going to say he used to beat her ... or something ... I don't want to give them ideas.

That's it for now. I gotta get ready for work. More later.