Thursday, December 15, 2005

Erie County Idiocy ... (subtitled: Why do I watch the news?)

Caution: High use of vulgarity present

Ever notice that the things you love the most ... you also despise? Or is it just me?

I'm watching the news - local news on Channel 2 - the only station I can stomach. And frequently, even that's too much.

Anyway, they're talking about Joel Giambria wanting a county manager ... to the tune of $170,000 a year. WHILE KEEPING HIS LAME ASS, TOO!!!
The other topic du jour is the violence at Buffalo schools. Some idiot administrator or teacher makes a comment that the kids are rioting cause programming has been cut. Are you effin kidding me? That's right Mr. Union guy, the kids are beating the shit out of each other cause they only have art on Tuesdays and Thursdays now. If you just give them their fucking art classes back, they'll go back to behaving again. The worst part of it was that the news let the comments slide. What the shit?

Many of you are familiar with my buddy Nuclear Lou Ricciuti. Tomorrow morning at around 6 a.m., he is going to be in front of the Tops on Niagara Falls Boulevard in Niagara Falls (LaSalle) playing a musical instrument. I, unfortunately, can't make it. Hopefully someone who's reading this can go and tell him I said "hey."

It's been more than a week now since I dropped out of my forum. I've kept an eye on it, but must say, I've not read every post ... nor have I missed it. I have noticed that the number of users has plummeted. It was down to 120 last time I checked. I know that Lou dropped his - and his school accounts, too. I think some others got the hint and dropped out as well. I think I'll give it a few more days as it is and then step back in and make some changes and statements. First of all, I think I have to do away with anonymous posting. It just gets too damn nasty. Second, I think users should be allowed 1 account a piece. No more. And yes, I can enforce it.

In the early part of the new year, WLVL will be unveiling a new web site and it will have a forum much like that on or the US&J web site. I'm actually quite excited about the new web site. I've been told that once it opens up, I am expected to plug IT instead of my own. Understandable. I'll gladly plug it once it's plugworthy. (I'm thinking so many bad thoughts about this last sentence). Moving on.

I created the first post in the Niagara Libertarian Group. I'm hoping that others follow suit. I'm also hoping that more people get brought along. I'd really like to start pushing the cause of limited government.

GMail added a new feature that allows you to "group" contacts and send an email to a group very easily. Very cool. GMail rocks. If you want an invite, let me know, I'll gladly do it. Google Talk could rock if they get it to do what they want it to, but right now, it's just a shell. I'm hoping they pimp it out soon. They're supposed to.

Who the fuck is "they?"

I've been amazed at some of the people I've found here on MySpace - Denis Leary - Joe Rogan - KMFDM - And it's really them. It's weird.

I gotta get Tom Christy on this thing. He'd love it.

We have Dish Network. Love it. LOVE IT!!! But we only have it on one TV - downstairs. I'm thinking we should get another reciever and put it on the TV upstairs. Our bedroom is easier to keep warm and after the kids go to bed, we could go upstairs and watch TV there. The cost of the extra reciever would be paid for by the savings on heat. It's friggin X-Pen-Sive to heat this house. *sigh*

Alright, I've blogged enough. Later skaters.

Well, that sucked ...

Some days I really feel like I did my job. I had a good show and got good phone calls, discussion, etc.

Then there's today.

Man, that bit.

I didn't prepare for the show in the manner that I usually do. I hoped that the fact that I've had structured shows the past few days would lead people to wanting to get something off their chests and the phone calls would carry the show. Guess what? Didn't happen that way. Oops. My bad. Lesson learned ... until next time at least.

The topic we ended up landing on was pretty interesting. Charities and what ones are good/bad/etc.

For the record, I don't know firsthand what charities are any good or what ones aren't. I've been fortunate in my life to have never needed charity and as such I can't judge.

But it sounded to me like people really don't like the Red Cross. I had always been under the impression that the Red Cross was pretty good.

I've never liked what I've heard about the United Way. The organization has always been portrayed as waaaay too top heavy.

We donate a lot of stuff to the Salvation Army and I've had limited dealings with them because of that. It's frustrating that they make it difficult to donate stuff. You've got to come between x hour and y hour and blah blah blah.

As a member of the media, I've deal with the Salvation Army and they've never been very helpful, to be honest. Their last leader was HORRIBLE. I'm not afraid to say it. I haven't dealt with their new leader, so I can't say how he is.


I don't like the YMCA cause they have a reputation for trying to strong-arm other like-minded community groups. Just ask the Boys&Girls Club on WNY.

My suggestion, give to your church. They'll get the money to people who really need it without giving high paying jobs to all their friends. But that's just my suggestion - so it need not be worth much.

In the afternoon, we have no news staff here at WLVL. John Raymond or whoever is filling in for him tends to leave around 12:30 or 1 p.m. And he pretapes the weather for the remainder of the day. Most of the time this works well. On a day like today - when there are several closings, I have to redo the weather or do live weather bullitins. I always feel goofy doing it. Don't know why.

This might sound bizarre, but I'm really hoping it snows alot ... so I can use my new snowblower. With my luck it won't snow much this winter now that I got a good snowblower. Like the summer we got a canoe and it rained every friggin day we had off. Grr. So - let it snow - let it snow - let it snow.

Oh, on that note, this thing was really expensive, so if you need your driveway snowblown, I'll do it for a price. 

Some of you may know I'm a big WWE fan. Yup. Wrestling. Anyway, the past year, WWE has come to Buffalo and few times and is slated to do so again in two weeks. For their previous ventures into Buffalo, they've traded advertising on local stations for tickets - so I've gotten to go to the shows. Once I went with a buddy. Once I went with my wife. Another time the whole family came along. I was hoping we'd get tickets to the next one, too, cause the kids and my wife are all off that week and the girls really enjoyed it last time - we could ALL go. But, alas, they're not advertising this time around. I don't get it. But, I'm sure Vince McMahon knows what he's doing.

I was really disappointed to see Jim let go on Apprentice: Martha. He was the only one left that I really liked. Now I guess I'll have to root for Bethany cause I sure can't root for Dawna. She doesn't even know how the hell to spell her name.

Tonight is the finale of the original Apprentice. I'm rooting for Randall, but Rebecca's cute ... so either way.

On that note, I'll sign off. More later, I'm sure.