Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Post show notes ...

Best phone call of the day - the guy that works at McDonalds who says they work harder then the folks at Delphi.

Most confusing phone call of the day - the guy (and subsequently a lady followed up) who said there are no contradictions in the Bible. This website disagrees. That doesn't mean the Bible is a bad book. Or that Christianity is somehow less than it was. It just means is a BOOK written by MAN. And man isn't perfect (something the Bible gets right).

But you can't use facts against extremists, as a colleague of mine so elequently put.

No one called me any bad words today - so I'm really glad I opened with a replay of yesterday's, "You're stupider than I thought," phone call.

I read part of a story about an Ohio school that was closed for health reasons. Click here for the rest of it.

Absolved ...

Well, I did it. I got so frustrated that I deleted my own damn account on my forum. I couldn't take all the personal messages from people asking me to edit posts and delete accounts and whathaveyou.

Next step - erase the whole damn forum without notice.

Yup - I'm a quitter. Quit the Democratic Party. Quit my own friggin' website. Quit.Err.

And yet, I was hoping that deleting said account would make me feel better. I don't. I'm still all sorts of tense. (past. present. present-perfect).

I need to rock the fuck out. Some beer. Loud music. Loose women. Or at least my wife in a "really" good mood.  :)

The smiley's on this damn thing don't always work. What's up with that?

Just thought I'd let ya'll know cause I posted no notice on the forum itself. I like you people better anyway. :)

Have a wonderful morning and a joyous new year.