8:22 PM
Moussaoui Pleads Guilty in 9/11 Conspiracy . If his guilty plea is true, how could we NOT put this person to death? Personally, I'm op...
8:14 PM
Voting agency chairman quits in protest. Cites lack of funding and lack of attention to real reform.
11:17 AM
Free PublicData.com Sex Offender Search . This is the web site that a caller was discussing today on the show. A quick check of 14094 ... an...
11:09 AM
Candid camera with Supreme Court justices. This is a very interesting story ... you don't usually get to peer into Supreme Court Just...
8:49 AM
New push to win approval for Bush judicial nominees . But the public ain't buyin' it.
8:04 AM
Critics Question Screening Tactics at Bush Events . This is purported to be "only on FOX," but I'm fairly certain you've...
8:02 AM
Dems Change Tack on Ethics Panel Debate . It's very interesting to see what Fox's take is on this as compared to CNN.
7:45 AM
BBC News US may toughen airspace security . I don't have a problem with this. Do you?
7:31 AM
Powell playing quiet role in Bolton fight . And by playing quiet, he's speaking volumes.