Friday, April 22, 2005

Moussaoui Pleads Guilty in 9/11 Conspiracy. If his guilty plea is true, how could we NOT put this person to death? Personally, I'm opposed to the death penalty and would rather see him sit in jail forever, but if we're killing thieves and liars, we should certainly put to death one of the 9/11 conspirators.

Voting agency chairman quits in protest. Cites lack of funding and lack of attention to real reform.
Free PublicData.comSex Offender Search. This is the web site that a caller was discussing today on the show. A quick check of 14094 ... and I was surprised to see a name of someone I knew. Hmm.

Candid camera with Supreme Court justices. This is a very interesting story ... you don't usually get to peer into Supreme Court Justice's minds.

New push to win approval for Bush judicial nominees. But the public ain't buyin' it.

Critics Question Screening Tactics at Bush Events. This is purported to be "only on FOX," but I'm fairly certain you've heard this on Dialog before. "Fox News: We distort. You comply."

Dems Change Tack on Ethics Panel Debate. It's very interesting to see what Fox's take is on this as compared to CNN.

Hastert: Democrats protecting their own
BBC News
US may toughen airspace security. I don't have a problem with this. Do you?

Powell playing quiet role in Bolton fight. And by playing quiet, he's speaking volumes.