Sunday, March 27, 2005

Schiavo case batters judge. Another interesting perspective on this battle. Did you know the judge who keeps ruling for the husband is described as a "conservative Christian?" Neither did I. There are other good tid-bits in here, too.

Court: Fla. Must Warn of Dangers at Beach. Since the crazy Schiavo thing is wrapping up, (and since people are STUPID) Florida courts need something else to waste their time with, apparently.
The Associated Press
Man sells device that blocks FOX News from your TV.
Congressional Republicans Target 'Activist' Judiciary. Their definition of "activist" is ... "they follow the law."
St. Petersburg Times
Business: Coffee with steam. Starbucks is apparently upsetting some conservatives cause their coffee cups have liberal quotes on them. They want equal coffee time. Maybe they should start up their own coffee shop - like liberals did in the radio business. Or maybe conservatives just don't "get" coffee ... like they said liberals didn't "get" talk radio. Aw. Poor conservatives. Pity party anyone?