Wednesday, March 23, 2005
Lockport, NY News. This is a pretty cool web site. Enter in your zip code and it will find news from your area. Niagara Falls (14305) has different news, for example than Lockport (14094). Check it out.
Around the dinner table, talk of end-of-life care. Given the importance of this matter, I have posted a link to a health care proxy form and a living will on the forum portion of this web site. Please download these forms, fill them out and get them in the hands of the right people.
Erie County toilet paper arrives.

Poll: Evangelicals Oppose Gov't on Schiavo

Republican Leader Invokes God in Schiavo Battle

Appeals court won't reopen Schiavo case
Terry Jones (I)The link is to Terry Jones' bio. Terry is our guest today to talk about his book, Terry Jones' War on the War on Terror. Below is a link to the book on Amazon.

Court: Schiavo feeding tube won't be reinserted